Toronto Orbit 3s Team Tournament


From what was originally a 3v3 tournament became a 4v4 round robin …

1st :
Louie (Yun)
Antoine (Urien)
Adam (Ryu)
Marvin (Chun)

2nd :
Gordon (Chun)
Henry (Makoto)
Jon (Chun)
Jay (Dudley)

3rd :
Samuel (Hugo)
Perry (Remy)
Francis (Ken)
George (Oro)

4th :
Steve (Necro)
Ryan (Alex)
Will (Ken)
Anthony (Hugo)




Tourney MVP : me :smiley:


God job to my team mates…I don’t think I did anything accept bring the team down :sweat:

At least I got Henry back for the Sauga Tourney!!!