Toronto Orbit MvC2 Results


1st Bryan Simard “JiggaBry” Santhrax, Scrub
2nd Ken Lee “OmniDragon / ComboFuckingMachine” MSP, Scrub
3rd Teddy Bauza “DaFlipMastaXV” MSP, storm/cable/capcom
4th Jason Marshall “GerJay” Santhrax, Matrix
5th Eric Liu “JS Master” Storm/Cable/Cyke
5th Ming something “Dai Lo Lip” Mag/cable/tron, Row
7th Dennis Wong “The Trap” MSP, sent/cable/psylocke
7th Stephen something “ROC” Scrub, rogue/storm/tron
9th Matt Machula “Ex_Matt / Mr.Anderson” MSP, Santhrax
9th Ramy Sonbl “Psylocke guy” cammy/storm/psylocke
9th James Urbanski “UberClops” Storm/Cable/Clops

Thats all I remember. . .
If anyone has the brackets could they post the rest of the results or make any corrections

I think there are 3 or 4 names missing from the results


ok i think i finally have to admit saugans beat us. fair and square

next time however, the results will be different



haha eric you shouldn’t have screamed in my ear or Teddy wouldn’t have put you in this predicament ahha


eric you said you came in 4th


MSP is whackness on those sticks. Unless your name is ken.


arcade legend , whose that girl in your av?



so sorry man, i didn’t know u were playing, and i didn’t know u came close to winning at the end…

oh well atleast u got money for cvs2, and it was flightwing who didn’t pay the entry fee


yeah, I got last I think, was using strider/sent/doom, and very horribly at that…


Na your strider/doom wasnt bad. You have pretty good execution on the trap just you got counter teamed. Work on the strider infinite after ourobours on sent. And work on your flying with sent.


I messed up on the trap though… I mean I specifically remember being able to trap magneto for a while, and when I planned to cancel the dog into ouroborous well I got his rush super… but yeah I need to learn how to fly properly, when I should and shouldn’t… and I also got raped by storm on that second set, haven’t really faced a storm before so it was a good experience. Anyways thanks.


storm is a HUGE counter to strider since she can escape anything and with cyke who beats out doom and keeps u in block stun long its a dirty counter


i’d have to agree, unless yur clockwork u dont got much chance vs that counter


so your saying I really had no chance? Any chance someone knows who I faced on the second set? Cause it was the same guy that killed me when I tried out for the metro tourney, and couldn’t I just substited sent for capcom to try to keep storm grounded? or would it still just ended up the same way?


No idea… I killed you in winner’s bracket, if you care to know. But in looser’s, I have no idea.


winners was the first set right? edit: which one were you btw, I didn’t get to shake your hand or anything cause I was really disappointed on how I did… which team did you use btw, I just recall Storm and Mags, was it Cyke on the last?


I really don’t know what I used vs. you.

Probably did something like Storm/Sent/Capcom to play it safe. And I belive that would have been yoru first match.