Toronto Orbit SC2 Results

Just in case anbody is interested:

Big thanks to everyone who participated today, Reno for helping to run the tournament, Nagata Lock II for filming the finals, and Orbit for hosting it.

1st - Russel “Neorussell” Ordona (Xianghua, Cassandra, Yoshimitsu… probably somebody else…)
2nd - Joe “werD” Nguyen (Ivy, Kilik, Taki)
3rd - Senior “SoWnEmEsIs” Adu (Cervantes)
4th - Luke “Koichi” (Nightmare, Astaroth)
5th - Barry “Barry” D. (Maxi)
5th - Wallace “SILENT” Lee
7th - Junior “SoWnEmEsIs” Adu (Nightmare)
7th - Andrew “Reno” Alfonso (Kilik, Xianghua)
9th - John “CriminalSuffering” S. (Ivy)
9th - Chris “Stryder” (Yunsung)
9th - Ken (Taki)
9th - Antony Lai (Nightmare)
13th - Steve (Mitsurugi, Yoshimitsu)
13th - John “justcusimasian” Howard (Xianghua… and sombody,)
13th - Simon “KnightSpirit” (Mitsurugi)
17th - Franz “God do I have to put my name up here, I rung myself out again…” McNeill-Buettner (Yoshimitsu)
17th - Dianand “Dinosc” (Mitsurugi, Taki, Maxi?)
20th - Pui “ZeroFalcon” (Nightmare, Xianghua, Charade)
20th - Steven “DarkEssence” Cueno (Ivy)
20th - “Takumi” (Yoshimitsu)
20th - Terry “dys0r” Martin (Nightmare)

Thanks to everyone who was able to partake in the Ver. A cheese.

If there any corrections, or anything posted here is inaccurate, just lemme know, and I’ll fix it up.

The rankings are a little wierd, because we were working with a screwy bracket… meh… whatever.

wow very nice turn out indeed

There’s something not quite right about a side tournament outdrawing every other game. In any case, props to all the SC2 players for coming together.

You know what’s funny about that? This was a bad turnout; we were missing about four or five regular players.