Toronto Ratio 4 Challenge Video Up! 240 MB of CVS2 action!


Here it is. Congrats to Nagata Lock II for pulling off a hugely successful side tournament. More details from him hopefully. Enjoy the vid at

It’s on the front page at the top. Save as…etc. You know the drill.


For those of you curious about the format:

  • You choose your character and groove at sign up and have to carry through the entire tournament with that choice.
  • Random Seeds (all names/character were put into a hat and picked one at a time)
  • Single Match
  • Double Elimination

I created this format for something new and different. The players found it a resounding success with lots of upsets and crazy finishes. No room to turtle when you’ve got less than a minute to win. :tup:



I would just like to say :tup: to N-Rolento for missing that guardcrushed xx trip wire to win the match. But instead going for Patriot Circles and not even connecting with those :confused:


:dp: + :p: <-- Sagat players take note.

But weirdly entertaining anyways. Please take every opportunity to say ‘Blanka’ in future videos.


I agree entertaining overall, but I would’ve liked to see more character variety.


As note about the video, there were A LOT of rookies that joined up. The R4 Challenge isn’t necessarily about crazy skilled players, it’s about pulling in everyone you can, mixing it up and seeing what comes of it. If you watch the entire vid, it’s obvious who plays the game regularly and who only plays once in a blue moon. Either way, I was very happy with everyone joining up and we all had a great time.


Probably the most fun I’ve had in a single tournament.


I think that it was more fun since people didn’t have to wait 2 hours between matches :tup:


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I swear to god, funniest shit in this tourney is that there was two times when people are yelling “RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!” and then both players, including the one that’s losing, run away. :lol:


Haha, good stuff. Needed more commentary though.


i tried and that came out. Fuck you


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Fucking hillarious! that and the Blanka/Rugal match @35:25:

Too good shit. :tup: Too bad I can’t make out the player’s names with the noise in there, could you post the brackets or something? It’s too good and I want to check the names, although randomHero and the random vega super will forever be remembered.

Thanks for the footage guys, it’s great.


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Whoa that was fast! Thanks a lot. I’ll try this Ratio4 format as soon as I get my buddys together, it seems very fun.


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i liked i how predicted that justin was going to get 720’ed by rey seconds before he jumps up to eat it.

and never forget…THE JOURNEY…of C-Yun.


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Too bad we didn’t really have R4 challenge at MAT III. I’m looking forward to seeing this at T6.