Toronto September Thread 2008

who wants to MM me in SF4?
2/3 for $5 or 3/5 for 10 :wgrin:

You’d lose that 10 faster in SF4 than you would at the casino.

I’m disturbed by the amount of play time you’ve probably already gotten in Shanghai over the last couple of weeks. That being said, I’ll still play you 3/5 for $10.

Fuck SF4.

^^^ seconded.

  1. Noodleman (Abel)

they’re letting like 14 year old into Ryerson, the proof is sitting to the right of me. I wish I had my phone so I could take a picture. This girl looks like she still plays with barbies.

is she single?

JS, I’ll play you for money.

Good games to whoever I played sat night. I’m guessing it was only one person, played watts, clockwork and some other team doom teams. Toronto is pretty nice will try to visit again.

not only did she look very single, but she had a friend who looked just like her, they may have been twins.

They were white though…blond hair, are you about that?

as long as they’re underaged, i’m game.


Wtf, who wouldn’t be about that?

all about blonde twins.

the pilot of one of the planes that crashed few days ago was one of my hs buddies. what a shitty deal.

lol ggs.
I saw u playing by yourself and u didn’t look like u were from T.O. so was like what the hell.
Sorry u came all the way only to play me (don’t play anymore).
The marvel players here go to gety at random times.

noodle: shes 5 yrs too old for u man

Don’t you mean a few years under underaged?

Holy shit??? We actually got the canada thread…I’m so late for the party.

I’m actually about more exotic looking women, the blond thing doesn’t usually do it for me. The darker the hair the better. Keep em white though. No blacks over here.

it’s the only explanation.