Toronto September Thread

while i’m at it, might as well make the t.o. thread as well. :china:

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I spent a lot of time lately practicing the Kara uppercut. I’ve had a lot of success with it lately so I figured I’d let you in on how it’s performed.

What is the kara uppercut? First understand what a Kara cancelling is. A Kara cancel is when you interrupt the initial frames of a regular move into a super, special, or throw. Any regular move can be kara cancelled, provided that the first few frames don’t put your character in the air. Some of these moves posess frames which move your character forward or backward. When the move finishes, you will most likely return to the same position where you started. However, if you successfully perform a kara cancel, your desired special/super/throw will execute yet you keep the distance gained from the normal move which you cancelled. Pretty much all normal moves can be kara-cancelled but only few are used to gain any forward/backward distance.

Anyway, to perform the kara uppercut with Ken, you cancel either the low forward or the low roundhouse. For the rest of this post, i’ll be using the c.MK

Set your PS2 to Training mode and put your training dummy (shoto) on no block. Shotos, in the Street Fighter, have been the ideal training dummy for universal combos do to all-around balance in size (hitbox) and weight (they don’t fall too fast/slow or high/low). Necro, Elena, and Q can be ground to ground jab-uppercutted twice midscreen without the use of a Kara cancel so don’t practice the kara uppercut on them. Chun Li and Makoto fall in a way which allows the Kara uppercut to hit them easier. So again, don’t practice on them. What you want is to learn how to kara uppercut a shoto so that you can kara uppercut any other character (possible).

So put your Ken against your training Techrock (dummy) midscreen. Do a jab uppercut and then attempt to land a second one. It won’t connect because you didn’t kara-cancel it. Now’s the hard part. When you do that second uppercut, you need to push MK right before you push the jab punch. Remember that it is the c.MK that you want to kara cancel and not any other medium kick.

What you also want is to time your uppercut as late as possible. Yes. That’s right. I bet most of you thought you had to do it as fast as possible. Nope. You need to wait for your dummy’s sprite to pretty much almost land on the ground when your second jab SRK hits him.

If you’re having trouble with the button placement, set your button config so that your usuall MP button is a MK. Use that new MK to kara uppercut so you can fool around with the timing (it is the same timing used as if you were to do a kara throw). When you notice that you are getting the hang of the kara uppercut, use the regular MK to practice the execution with the regular button.

Here’s a list blatantly stolen off my good buddy Mopreme. It shows kara uppercut information; who it works on, where it works.

Complete Kara-Shoryuken Listing
Here are the circumstances where Ken can do 2 jab Shoryukens.

Strong fierce Shoryuken Shoryuken

  • Q

Stand strong/low forward Shoryuken Shoryuken

  • Necro, Elena

Stand fierce Shoryuken Kara-Shoryuken

  • Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro

Stand strong/low forward Shoryuken Kara-Shoryuken

  • Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Sean, Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro, Urien

Strong fierce Shoryuken Shoryuken

  • Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Sean, Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro, Urien, Elena

Strong fierce Shoryuken Kara-Shoryuken

  • Remy, Ibuki, Hugo

Stand fierce Shoryuken Kara-Shoryuken

  • Yun, Yang, Oro

(in any situation where “Stand Fierce Shoryuken Kara shoryuken” works, low forward Shoryuken/Kara shoryuken works because the fierce pushes you back further than a low forward)

wow it’s september already
2 more days till the tournament!

Darkdragon give me a ride to orbit if you go?

Jiggabry > You

Who’s going to KBBQ after the tournament? I’ll drop by ORBIT around 9:00pm to chill and talk shit.

So you can do a srk(jab)into kara srk(jab) vs anyone midscreen?
So a wake up srk(jab) that hits can be linked to a kara srk(jab) vs anyone?

how bout you answer your cell

no are you blind
read that kara shoruyken listing.

ok matchups: ken vs chun

This match is pretty hard for chun, cuz ken can cr.jab her on wakeup and also crossup mk is unblockable. Kara uppercut on chun is useless seeing how you only have a 10% chance of hitting her with it. Prior to belief, is the dumbest thing to do do vs chun with or without meter and thus should never be used. best way to get around chun’s back fp is to jump, ALOT…not just crossup jumps, any jump from anywhere. If u do empty jumps alot, you can mix in jumping fp after chun gets used to it. Trust me, it works.

Chun pre meter:
jump alot. forward and backwards mk is always a great tool. overhead (mp+mk) x2 then uppercut or back mk uppercut or whatever overhead move into uppercut.

Chun with meter:
Sit in the corner and wait till shes in range then super…u don’t need to confrim cuz it will always hit. Also, do alot of dash in super, the dash in is invincible. If you can, do at the very tip of the kick so her super won’t hit…more to come

i think ken’s cr.RH is really good against chun cuz most chuns never blocks down/use f.RH


yo marv
thats good insight. i definitely agree with the fact that u have to get a feel for it. its not something u can master (possibly ever)
also: against 12 i think its easier too (like makoto+chunli)
however im still finding limited uses for it. rarely do u come close enough for a (confirmed) j.dp. even on wakeup, mopreme showed how doing f.dp > anything else (if ur gonna do a wakeup special)
anyway thats my 2 cents

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Nobody knows… BUT you can ask him anything about Ken:

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o and for a “somebody” u really ARE slow if it takes u “months” to learn a simple kara maneuver.
o and btw for the record check the times i had my detailed description out BEFORE marvin. so please stfu and sit back down.

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let’s play for $ tomorrow

DT Funland 3S tourney on September 25th!! The owners might let the tourney run on that soccer game’s projection screen!! I think the date is tentative because the “organizers” (I have no idea who) says they might arrange something with ID/T5 players to have their own tourney on the same day to bring more people out.

Anyone interested?