Toronto September Thread

:wgrin: Because I can. :wgrin:

:tup: GL to everyone running tournaments this month. :tup:

Stephen; I’ll be returning your Digital Camcorder on the 29th. If you can’t make it to that ORBIT tournament, just let me know who I can leave it with as that’ll be the last time I hit up ORBIT outside of Christmas in all likelihood.

Labour day movie marathon on Space tomorrow.

Res is awesome.

BCC tourny next week.

They aren’t showing Fritz Lang’s Metropolis? LAME! It’s got scifi and it’s got labourers! What could be more perfect than that?

more info on the BCC tourny?

There is no BCC tourney, Noodle’s just being an idiot. Tourney will be at VA/VF.

fine, i’ll shift it to the week after VA/VF tourny.

wtf, i though u guys said it going to be at skybox.

Schools back on, so Ryerson folk make it down to FL between classes, UoT folk, who cares we hate you anyway…

ill be there after 1 tomorrow

Toronto Mega Tournament 2: Summer’s End

Who: For all fighting game fans
What: Another Mega Tournament in the GTA, this time in team tournament style!
Where: Brimley and Eglinton Plaza, VA and VF arcades
Why: Apparently, it’s too hard to find the arcade at STC, and because of the theft incident
When: Saturday, September 22nd
How: By running the tournament in two arcades, the tournament will run much faster.

Games: MvC2, CvS2, 3S and ST.
Format: Team Tournament! 3 people teams for each game.
Fees: $15 per team.
Rules: SBO Rules in effect.


11:00 am Registration for all games
12:00 pm CvS2 starts
1:00 pm MvC2 and 3S starts
2:00 pm ST starts.

Please make sure all your team members are on deck when your name is called; otherwise your entire team will be DQ’d. We will call your name 3 times, after that, so sowwee. There were a number of people who got DQ’d at the last tournament, so please make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Trailer to be posted soon.

Nice… definately can’t miss this one!

Dark Dragon, team with me damnit.

i want in, but I don’t have a team :frowning: srk ppl come down to FL check out my skills kekek

Are these american or japanese machines that they have in the aracdes?

zomg there is another arcade in scarborough

are there any other arcades that exist in scarbrough that have mvc2/3s. other than the one “STC” and brimley and eglinton.

They are american machines. A few games are on japanese cabinets, i.e. A3 and puzzle bobble.

man, we should run a tourny @ metro. We haven’t done that in a long time.

ninja edit: engrish didn’t happen.

hey im new trying to get some real gameing in… My email is let me know when your playing. I am from the upstate area, i’ve played at two evos and play in the city everyonce in a while…im in buffalo state college now, willing to travel, let me know when and where your playing


Eric you scrub.