Toronto SF4 Console Tourney 03/14


Where - 375 Bleecker St. @ Sherbourne and Bloor (Just south of Sherbourne Station)
When - Saturday, March 14th, 2009. Signups: 1:00 PM. SC4 Tourney Start: 2:30PM. SF4 Tourney Start: 3:00PM.

  • From Sherbourne and Bloor, Go South on Sherbourne, Left/East on Howard St. Right/South on Bleeker St. to 375 Bleeker St. (HAMILTON)

  • From DVP get off at Bloor go west/right, then, left on parliament, right on wellesley, right onto Bleecker. Its near end of the street (limited parking)

  • From Gardiner get off at Jarvis/Sherbourne, go North to Wellesley and go right/east, to Bleecker, go left

  • There is a parking garage right across from the building which is $10 for the whole day

  • The Rec Room is on the 1st Floor of the Apartment, Left Hallway, 2nd door on right (Recreation Room)


Please try to Bring 5 Dollar Bills if you can, It will be hard to get change for everyone**

- Double Elimination Best of 5 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches

  • Semis/Finals Best of 5 Matches
  • Entry $5 Split 70/20/10
  • Start Time 2:30PM!!
    Setup- Oof Tv + Oof Ps3 + Sc4
  • Oof Tv + Jeff Ps3 + Sc4
  • Dino Tv + Dino Ps3 + Sc4 (Temp)

- Double Elimination Best of 3 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches

  • Semis/Finals Best of 5 Matches
  • Entry $5 Split 70/20/10
  • Start Time 3:00PM!!!
    Setup- LCD Monitor + Russel 360 + SF4 + sticks
  • Office TV + Junior?? PS3 + SF4 + sticks + adapters
  • Blurry TV + Tofu 360? + SF4 + sticks (Casuals)
  • Dino Tv (tourney TV, as SC4 ends)

NOTE: Matches Between a PS3 and 360 Players will likely be played on whatever Console is available. There should be enough sticks all around to share, I doubt it will be hard to adapt to. If possible, we may split matches between consoles. This is still pending.

Information:This will be our 10th Tourney/Gathering. This will be our FIRST SF4 Console tourney, hosted by Russel. We hope to be able to promote both games as well as allowing players to be exposed to both games on a competitive level. We should be able to have at least TWO TVS devoted to EACH GAME. It would be advised that you bring your own Stick (PS2/PS3/360). We will likely have adapters on hand. Please contact me or Russel for more info.

PADS/Sticks for those who are bringing their own

  • LABEL Your Controller!!
  • CHARGE YOUR Controller!!
  • Remember to ASSIGN/UNASSIGN between Matches
  • Remember to Set your Buttons
  • Do not leave the Room with a Pad unless its your own (but we may need to share)!!


  • Tables Chairs will be available. There is also a bathroom right next to the Rec Room so ask me for the key.
  • Since it is an apartment Building we can make noise but we need to avoid excess noise as to not disturb Tenants
  • To get in the Front door either call me beforehand (416-871-3665) or Russel (###-####), or it may already be open. But try to call before so we know you’re coming. Knock on the Rec Room door before entering
  • During casuals as the numbers increase, lets have BOTH players give up the controller so everyone has a chance to warm up and get in there zone

Please PM me or Russel for more info.

SF4 Possible Entrants (30+?)
C3 360
dice01 360
TofuWarrior 360
djbordie 360
zangrene 360
davero 360
nGuman PS3
Dr Y 360
Russel + 2? 360
Dino + 2? PS3
Sr/Jr PS3

SC4 Possible Entrants (16+?)



i don’t think i’ll be able to make it to this one … i want a break from SF4 … i need to go boarding as much as i can before the end of the month before my season tix at horseshoe expire.

Uh… I’m a maybe leaning towards no on this one. I already have plans for 03/14 that will start likely before this tournament ends.

I’m in for sf4 for sure. Will this be on 360 or ps3? (please say 360…)

yes 360 plz !

ps3 for obvious reasons.

Superior joysticks being one of them.

Yes these are three things that need to be discussed/debated.

  1. 360 vs PS3 - This one basically goes to the 360 since more Sticks are available I believe. The main option for PS3 players is to use a PS2 stick and we will have adapters.

  2. $5 vs 10$ - I like to go with $5 to increase turnout. But I do know many love the $10 Fee for bigger PAY OUT. This one is up to you guys (10 Dollars will allow prize for 3rd place).

  3. Lastly I would also like to know do you guys play BEST OF 3 Rounds & Best of 3 Matches (FT2 2 Rounds) or Best of 5 Rounds & Best of 3 Matches. (FT2 3 Rounds).

Please let me know what the best option is. We will likely have 1 360 and PS3 for SF4. IF anyone can help out with Sticks, Systems or TVs that would be great. We should be able to get have 3 TVs at the least and 3 Systems. I will contact more people to confirm everything.

Best of 3/Best of 3 until I believe the losers/winners finals and grand finals.

Are there adaptors to use 360 sticks on ps3 vice versa? if so, will they be at this tournament?

Nagata: If you can come for a bit to check out the venue, that would be great. It really is a big enough place to hold tournaments. Can you also Sticky?

Anyone: You guys can PM me if you need directions. The venue is completely Subway-able. Just get off at Sherbourne station and walk 2 minutes. It cannot be easier than that. I’ll give you my cell if needed.

Dino: I’ll also talk to people that plays in Ghetty to try to get them to come. I have a few friends that will come for this. They need tourny exposure to be better. Change the title to something cool. Like “Road to Evo” T.O. Tournament or “Battle for Supremacy” SFIV Tournament.


I doubt I’d be able to come down. I have plans in Vaughan that night and I don’t think I want to burn the gas on a trip from Hamilton -> Toronto -> Hamilton (get ready and change) -> Vaughan -> Hamilton. It’s just burning an entire tank of gas when it’s all said and done. Hopefully we can discuss a future date together and I’ll be happy to do whatever I can to help out.

Nagate: Cool, maybe next time. I also think that we should have a thread dedicated to SFIV discussion in Canada. I want to talk SFIV with everyone and not just Toronto. I say this to you because I want the GodFather to start the thread.

Also, you can post this link in there:


russell, i watched like 2 minutes of ur vega guide (working atm) and its great. but maybe you should at least use SF notations instead of tekken notations lol. df+4? whats 4?! lol. to GG, thats like. df+back, and to sf, thats just a number lol.

R u planning to make something like this for BB like u mentioned? pretty impressive.

holy crap on a stick. I didn’t even notice.
All this games with like 4 different notations must’ve have caught up with me. LOL

I fixed it, somewhat. LOL
Thanks for telling me.


Yeah there’s no denying now that the PS3 is the way to go unless your willing to shell out all that bread for those expensive 360 adaptors.

it’s there more stick support on the ps3?

Well right now I think we are going to go with PS3. It seems there will likely be more PS2 Sticks+Adapter…

I personally use pad, and the only stick I have access to I believe has a crappy sm.p

Does anyone have a 360-PS3 adapter?! That will likely be the one component will need if people have 360 sticks.

ALSO OF NOTE is there any INPUT LAG associated with LCD tvs and SF4. I know for SC4 some setups will give you a very small lag, but it is sometimes unavoidable. PLMK what the situation is regarding LCD’s and Lag, I will bring my HDTV but we may likely use it for soul cal.

Please Post up so we make this event a great one.

Unless your tv is some piece of shit from walmart or made in china no name, you’ll be fine.

There is no proper 360 to ps3 adapter (or vice versa) that is remotely good for anything.

I guess I won’t show unless I can borrow a stick again.

I can bring my 360 with 2 sticks.

Dino: Decide on the entry fee. If this is just a game learning tournament then $5 is fine. If therer are many top tiers coming, then $10. I don’t think I can post a flyer in ghetty to hold a tournament somewhere.