Toronto SFIV Console Tourny Results

30 Entrants!!
Tournament started at 3:45p and ended at 7:15p
Pretty good. Hopefully everybody had a great time.
It was as organized as we could do it and i’m glad everything went accordingly even though there was some minor issues. But really minor.

I forgot to save the bracket file.
Was in such a rush. ack!! Anyways.

Correct me if I’m wrong: Fixed
1st GerJay (Rufus, Dhalsim)
2nd NeoRussell (Vega, Guile for 1 match)
3rd YellowS4 (Ryu, Blanka)
4th Kevin (Sagat)
5th FlipMaster (Sagat)
5th JSMaster/Eric (Sagat, Chun-Li)
7th C3 (Balrog)
7th Alex (Sagat?)
9th China (Balrog)
9th ScithDeath (Sagat)
9th DjKun (??)
9th MTran (Bison)
13th Jeff (Ken)
13th Mr. Traitor (Ryu)
13th Hisham (Blanka)
13th STD (Cammy)
17th Dino (Vega)
17th Blessed (??)
17th David2009 (??)
17th Hieuz (??)
17th Kyper (Vega)
17th Scumbag (Balrog)
17th OnoSai (??)
25th Tin (??)
25th Arturo (??)
25th DJ Bordie (??)
25th Hrant (??)
25th Josh (Ken)
25th VSme (??)

Like I said, I recreated the bracket. If there is inconsistency, please provide me who you won or lost to.

Tourny Bracket

Great games guys.
We got a few capped but mostly semi’s and finals. They will be up soon.

To People I played:

GerJay: Your on my list again. Actually got higher now. Rufus spam are a bitch. Damn Rufus. I need anti-air.

YellowS4: Nice Matches. Your Blanka almost had me. When people watch the vid, they will be shocked with how it ended as well.

Flipmaster: Nice games. Great Sagat.

Josh: Nice games. You knew how to play and you caught me off guard.

Scumbag: Balrog is good. Nice games.

Everybody: Thank you for participating. We’ll do this again probably early April. There was a few spectators so maybe next time they can play as well.

NeoRussell Out

  1. lost to lawrence
  2. won vs my 1st losers match
  3. won vs STD
  4. won vs exMatt
  5. lost to JS

I think those were all my matches.

nice meeting new ppl today. ggs to everyone.

Yo great time guys.

I won a bunch of times, lost a few times :slight_smile:

To the people I remember
Mtran: Goddamn your M.bison :slight_smile: I like it, gave me some experience to learn.
Eric: Good stuff, I still don’t know how Eric clutched you.
Arturo: Ggs, I thought I was going to play my friend first for the tournament until you came, thanks for showing the sticks :slight_smile:
STD: yo good games, Keep the cammy up and win some bike money. And there’s no cheat LOL
Gerjay: congrats for winning.
Kevin: Goddamnit why did I had to face you twice, oh well good games.
To the guy I didn’t ask for their names or heard with the table arcade stick: That is ONE badass stick.
To everyone else: Good games guy :slight_smile: I had alot of fun.

I play Sagat (a bit of Ryu) and I remember Hieuz being 13th or 12th? oh well…

JS master got 5th, not 9th, switch mtran with eric

where the vids?

lol arcadekid wtf

was that you I was playing early in casuals? =D I think I have a good understanding of the Sagat matchup, but my own Sagat is terrible.

I wanted to play your friend’s Blanka once. I think he didn’t hear me when I asked him lol.

that coffee table stick was sweet…why didn’t I take a picture…

Yeah, like the first few casuals. I have a better understanding of M.bison so we got a good trade :slight_smile:

Usually mirror matches are in my favour in anything.

Yeah, probably maybe next time lol.

Why didn’t I have a camera with me. It was the best stick in the house.

GG’s to everyone I played.

Russell come to pownz and join team BOX for the 5 on 5, we need you to beat those dirty PS3rr’s!

Add me on XBL if you wanna get some games in. gamertag is under my avatar

I completely agree, join Team Box Russel, we need that BEASTLY Vega ftw.

GGs to all at this tourney, good times.

Great Games!! Thank you guys for coming and supporting the scene. Congratz to Placers. I hope everyone had fun and had a good time. If there is anything you guys think I can add or improve PLMK.

I didn’t get a chance to really casual with anyone, but hopefully for future events I can get a chance.

Russ - April Easter Long Wknd?!?!? Book it for TOURNEY!!


good job on the tourney guys.

but i need to know, how many people used crouch cancels???

GGs to everyone I played. I knew once Kevin picked Guile that I was going to be fighting an uphill fireball war lol.

the return of ARCADE KID!!!

Hey dino/russel, when the next one comes email me :slight_smile:

GGs to everybody I played. It was a really fun tournament, i’m definitely glad I went.

Neorussell: Thank you for hosting. I had no idea you were that good haha great playing, i would like to face you more.

Gerjay: Congrats on winning the whole thing. I still haven’t faced you yet…

YellowS4 and Teddy: Great playing as usual, thanks for kicking my butt, it’ll help me learn. My goal is to win at least one tournament with all the heavy players there before I retire (which won’t be for a loooooooong time) SO WATCH OUT!! haha

Kevin: If you were the Guile/Sagat player I faced in friendlies after the tournament, you’re really good haha probably the most evenly matched matches i’ve ever had in SF.

ScitchDeath: You have a lot of potential, hope to face you more.

OnoSai: You’re a great guy! sorry if my Balrog was too hard on you haha couldn’t afford to screw around though :wink:

To anybody I left out… sorry haha Peace!

Alright guys, I’m uploading the SF4 vids now that the SC4 ones are all done. Only problem is, besides that I was so tired I could barely hold the camera steady, that I’m having trouble identifying some of the players, even after checking over the brackets.

So, I’ll post them here and hope you guys can recognize them. I’ll fix them up after.





I’ll be uploading the finals soon, they’ll probably be done tomorrow.

Also, a little motivation for next time: [media=youtube]PVtB_ll1S2Y"]Get money, [URL=“”[/media]

Some of them are private? : (

Whoops. I remember I made them private because I was going to upload them while I was trying to figure out who was playing, then make them public once they were correct. Forgot. Anyways, they’re fixed now.

Good stuff :slight_smile: is that all the videos?

And like, is there another teddy? because my usual nickname other then djKun is teddy :\