TORONTO: the biggest loser in toronto

whos the biggest loser in toronto?
i was wondering cause there seems to be so many here please name some

i, ben am one
for i am a stranger to myself


That’s an easy one it’s manaboy

Maybe you read it wrong, it’s biggest loser. not leaver. Manaboy is the biggest leaver for sure.

T-Kimura LMFAO just kidding just kidding

^^ thats not a bad nomination actually…lol

who’s that?

Dennis Kim…becuz i kicked him in the balls

Some random Kaillera troll who plays Xmen Vs SF.

if it’s a contest for the biggest winner i vote for ZNZF…
loser is very hard to decide… but i’d have to say it would be jonstar! cuz he got owned by me in T3: national tournament and CQ in the 5v5

nah he’s a cool dude once u know him, just that he doesnt like people he doesnt know

LMAO ok ok, I know I am not from this area and all, but I saw the Avatar and could not stop laughing… This Avatar ROCKS…

You are not the first one to tell me that… hehe

All the credits should go to DarkDragon who made the avatar.

use the updated version plz

I was just in Toronto, and I think most of you are losers.

Funny, a few things popped into my head.

  1. The color black.
  2. Pots.
  3. Kettles.

You realize that E Town is a joke account… right?

Pretty funny Etown. Why don’t you calm down, pull that wedgie out of your cameltoe, take a deep breath and re-evaluate what you just posted?