Toronto: The Fights About To Begin Results

56 Entrants for SFIV. I mean WOW!!
I’m giving warning right now to organizers, if you are hosting a tourny. Makes sure you can accommodate twice the amount of what you are expecting. And one more thing, “Holy crap this game brings so many people it’s not even funny”

1: Jay Wang (Bal)
2: Mr. Trite (Bal
3: GerJay (Ruf, Sim)
4: Blitzman (Ruf, Seth)
5: Hieuz (Blanka)
5: Arcade Legend (Blanka)
7: NeoRussell (Vega, Sim)
7: YellowS4 (Ryu)
9: Fadi (Aku)
9: JSMaster (Sag, Blan)
9: Miles (Ryu)
9: Hisham
13: Nunie
13: Kowtow (Bison)
13: Jug (Dan)
13: Darin
17: JJ (Shin) (C.Vip)
17: FlightWing
17: Jeff (Ken)
17: Strider (Dave)
17: Dice01
17: Dadesi Canadian
17: Cha Cha (Cam
17: Kyle
25: ScithDeath
25: DJ Kun (Sag)
25: Noob (Dave)
25: Blessed
25: Dino
25: Valie
25: Jacob
25: Chyna
33: BigRiches
33: Fareed
33: R. Snake
33: Duro
33: Amordien
33: Tim
33: T-Boy Mac
33: PsychChroniz (Rose)
33: STD (Cam)
33: Delerion
33: NGunman
33: C3 (Bal)
33: Kyper (Vega)
33: Guru (Gary)
33: Melon
49: MTran (Bison)
49: Rekanize
49: JSkipz
49: Kal
49: Davaro
49: Cowie (Aku)
49: Page
49: jed07
49: Celestien

Sorry, I don’t know who everyone used. This is at the top of my head.

T.O. 2nd Tourny
Say words to people you won or lost to.

A few people to thank:

Everyone: Thanks everyone for being patient with me and Dino. I still can’t believe we reached that many entrants so I kind of panicked as well. It all worked out in the end.

Dino: Thank you for the venue. This gets us off from having to ask people for Entry Fees. Hopefully we can do this again in a couple of weeks.

To people who brought equipment, thank you. Could not have done this without you guys. You know who you are.

For the people that helped me with the tournament:
DjKun (Make sure you click the right names next time, thank you)
Gerjay (For a bit)

For people I played:

Cha: Sorry but Vega wins. Blame junior although he’s not really that good.

T-Boy mac: Nice going taking a win on me. It got be excited.

DjKun: Better luck next time. I was just walking towards you and waiting for an uppercut.

Jay: I’ll get you someday and i’ll take your offer for a gathering in Sauga

Fadi: Akuma is good until you get poked. See you at ghetty.

Again, thank everyone for coming and hope we can do this again in a couple of weeks. Sorry if you had to wait for your matches for so long, with 56 entrants, you are bound to wait awhile.

Hopefully next time we will not have 70+ players but then again Its fine since the TIO program does everything. It just needs to be looked at consistently.

If you guys are having a tournament, please use it for simplicities sake.

If anybody is having a gathering anytime soon, send me a PM. If i’m free I will certainly drive to your place to play. I’m not the best of players but i know that playing me will improve your game. I’m a great player to play against from what people say.

In closing, I had a great time talking to everyone and hopefully nobody was offended with the jokes that were coming from everybody. Its all in the name of fun so don’t take anything anybody says in tournaments seriously.



After an uneventful drive broken only by scumbag sauga drivers trying to kill us, we reach “THE HAMILTON”, which is where the tournament’s being held.

…“The Hamilton”?

We walk inside, and it smelled just like downtown Hamilton, so I guess that’s where it got the name.

The room was fucking PACKED. Guest stars included:

Tina Fey
JS “I make stupid bets and give my money to Sauga” Master
Angry “I haven’t used this name in 7 years” Black
The washroom key
Random American’s

and many more.
Editor?s Note: Gerjay calls me Anant, JS calls me AnantP, s4 and others call me Jeeebs, i?m signed up as ?DaDesiCanadian?. At the end of the day, i?m not really sure who I am anymore.

I start off with casuals, mostly against Fadi, Jakob, and C3. Jakob can’t do headbutts because he had his buttons wrong, Fadi was still warming up, and C3 kept blowing headbutt --> super, so I ran a small streak. Yes, everyone cares about my casual matches. Fuck you.

So anyway, the registrations end, and SF4 has 54 entrants.


This goes up to 55-57 I think. Neorussell, Dinoz, and DJkun were doing an amazing job of running everything, and it was possibly the fastest run tourney i’ve ever seen (I left at semi-finals at around 8:00). One of the first matches called was ngumans, except Russell pronounces it ?n GUN man?. Obviously the entire room cracks, up, and this is what we call nguman for the rest of the day. Other Russell highlights include not being able to pronounce ?ScithDeath? for two hours, and beasting casuals with Dan.

My first tourney match was against JS. I expected him to play Blanka, which is a horrible matchup for Abel. I wish that he picks Sagat. He randomly picks Sagat. YAY! He plays a scrubby Sagat, but I broke under tourney nerves and lost 2 straight. FML.
Second match was against C3. Thanks to JAY WANG?S SECRET TRAINING, I knew the Abel-Balrog matchup pretty well. Mid screen focus to stop the rush punches, and neutral jumps to keep him out. Don?t try and rush him down, and you?re ok. Thank you Jay Wang?s SECRET SF4 FRAME DATA BIBLE. 2-0, and it?s next round.

I?m playing Dice, who plays Rufus. I do semi-decently against Gerjay?s sandbag-rufus, so I thought I should be ok against DiceRufus. Two matches later, I had a semi-dazed expression, and 2 losses. Well, i?m out of the tourney.


DJ-Kun read the brackets wrong! Dice was actually supposed to play GERJAY. BAAAAAAHHHAAAAA.

I?m playing the winner of Nguman-Fake Alex Valle, so I watch the match. This Dan is pretty scary, but nGuman is the future of the GTASF, so he just turtle that shit, played smart, and knocked Dan out. So i?m playing nGuNman next.


In another surprise twist, nGuman has to go home, so he just gives the win to Fake Alex-Valle with Ryu headband. I play his Dan next.
I just copy exactly what nGuman does this match, turtle him, didn?t press any buttons, and won. He changes to Honda, who I have no idea how to play against, so I treat him just like Balrog. Apparently that works.

My next matchup is against ANOTHER Dan. Where are these Dan players coming from?! (Buffalo apparently).

In my head, I decide to follow the same strategy and not press any buttons. My hands start a coup de etat, and start pressing every button available on the stick. After two close matches, i?m out of the tourney to grab 17th place. I?m disappointed because I know I could have done better, but the world can be full of ?I could have?s?, which won?t get me anywhere. Time to figure out a way to start practicing.

Shoutouts to all the American player?s who made the drive down, Pushingplay?s crew, MR. TRITE (aka the best balrog player in the universe) aka more blitzed than the BLITZMAN G, Tatenda, and everyone else who I will doubtless talk to soon.
Shoutouts to JS master for giving me a freebox bet, making me back my entry fee.
And holy shit at Jay Wang backdashing through three rekkas to avoid chip damage that would have killed him, to win the match.

Seriously. HOLY SHIT.

Another highlight:
I’m also a water boy for YellowS4.

Good shit Russel. This tourney was really hype.

I play Bison btw.

I got one step closer to trying to break top 8 this time.

I guess everybody got wanged today.

-DJKun saying DaDesiCanadian vs. Dice. Epic battle ensues. Dice wins, goes to report that he won, and DJKun said he made a mistake and Dice has to play Gerjay instead.

-NGUNMAN! Hahahaha.

-Jay Wang vs. an Abel player. Both have low health, and the Abel tries to rekka for chip and Jay Wang backdashes out of it and wins the match. That was so fucking clutch.

Games (that I remember):
Bison player from Buffalo: Good shit. That devils reverse hitting my EX PC was pure scams lol.
Jakob: Good shit. I was so scared when playing your rog. You almost had me lol.
Darin: Fucking awesome Gen. You need to try and cross me up more though, because I can out turtle you.
S4: Beat your Gief, but couldn’t fucking get past your Ryu. Next time man.

LOOL tio organizer is like bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I request A MOUSE and MAKING THE BRACKETS ALOT SMALLER as in sizing it down so I can see everything. Besides it’s not like the wrong matches count right? LOL

I will beat your Vega next time Russel :stuck_out_tongue: and <3 those 2 girls. Although I was shy.

Pics are up

DjKun: Don’t worry, if I ever go to any gatherings you have, I’ll show you how to play against Vega and how to click people’s names in the TIO program properly. lol

I almost forgot. BUFFALO crew, thanks for coming. Hope you guys had a time.



Ridiculous turnout, I’m gonna give a log of my matches and that’s probably it, but first props to those who ran such a successful tournament again, gs.

1st Round - Rekanize: So the seeds were random, and instead of getting my first round bye and first place seed, I have to play a first round. This guy picked Chun Li and I picked Rufus. Basically the match goes as planned… until he has EX meter. Afterwards it seems after every divekick I decided to use, my followup was always stuffed by EX-Lightning legs. I figure that online lag practice owning me up, so I decide to start doing dive kick nothing, and then just punish the EX-legs or I do dive kick ex messiah if I have 3 meters + ultra and I win. GG Mr. Chun Li.

2nd Round - Blessed: So, this guy starts off the match with a great convo… “Weren’t you the guy who won the last tourney?” “Yes” “Can’t you pick Ryu or something on me?” “Nah, I’m playing Dhalsim”. And his character. . . GOUKEN. So I figure all my training and my matches with noodles would have prepared me, but apparently my sim fails miserably against this guy’s gouken. 0-1 and I’m thinking “Should I keep with the same matches or switch it up to Rufus?” The answer is obvious. I PICK RUFUS.

In all rights I’m pretty confident Sim is a better matchup, but my sim wasn’t on point that early. So Rufus does extremely well against this guy, and its 1-1. Final match, and he takes the first round, UGH. Am I really this close to going to losers? I RAPE him in this round, and in some huge and very insulting brain fart, after I land my ultra I reach out my hand for the scummy JS handshake, BUT I ONLY WON ONE ROUND. So basically the whole room thinks I’m an ultimate scumbag, which I admit I was, and I need to play the last round. I was 100% convinced I was gonna get karma’d huge, but apparently I run good and it goes just like the round before. Good matches.

3rd Round - BLITZMAN G: Well, if you’ve been to the other tournies, you know how this matchup goes. I pick Rufus, he picks rufus, I lose, I pick Sim, he loses, he picks Ken, he loses. But apparently today was completely different, and I started Sim and he started Rufus. So I win extremely convincingly in the first match and I’m up 1-0. In a swing that even the 8ball couldn’t have seen coming, the guy switches to Seth. Now let me tell you, my absolute worst win record on SF4 is against Seth, I’ve lost to at least 50% of all Seth’s I’ve played against, so I was definitely scared going into this.

To keep it short… he rapes me 2-0 with Seth, for a score of 1-2 and I’m off into The Losers Bracket, UGH. How did this just happen, SCREW YOU RANDOM SEEDS AND MY SCRUBINESS. GS to blitzman. He ends the match saying “BLITZMAN NOW PLAYS SETH!!!”. I later prove that this is not the case :stuck_out_tongue: Bah.

4th Round - Dice01: I’ll be perfectly honest, at this point I had some stored up Black Rage, and the only character that I felt right choosing was Balrog. I should also add that I wanted to knock out as many people as I could, this was now my goal :stuck_out_tongue: Dice picks Rufus and I know the Balrog vs. Rufus matchup from both sides extremely well imo. I win 2-0 and Dice is out. It sucks that box had to knockout box, but whatever. GS, keep working on that Rufus, he’s such a solid character.

5th Round - Jug: What? This guy plays Dan? What? This guy is the second Dan player Anant had to play in a row AND is the guy who knocked him out? I pick Dhalsim. I have to say, I think that Dhalsim vs. Dan is about as bad as a matchup can get. His Dan is all kinds of nutty, and a lot of hte rounds were close, but I pull off the 2-0 and am starting to get my confidence back. GGs, look me up on the box sometime.

6th Round - Miles: I’m convinced no tournament that Miles comes to is completely unless he plays me at some point. He picks Gen, I pick Rufus, good times are had by all. Until. . . I do df+mk, he counters with reaction ultra, and somebody somewhere pressed the PS3 home button. The game goes into the home mode, then leaves and goes to pause screen. Russell makes the decision to let me keep my 1 match 1 round lead and start over with nothing, me and Miles make the decision to just replay the 2nd match from the beginning. *Note - The ultra that he did on reaction SMOKED my roll and did nice damage :stuck_out_tongue: We play the last match and I take it 2-0. GGs Miles, always nice to see you.

7th Round - Jay: UGH, what is Jay doing in losers? UGH, what am I doing in losers? Oh well, if I’m going to lose it might as well be against Jay. This entire match was a solid display of the Sim vs. Ryu matchup. It was down to the wire every time and all I can say is reaction ultra’s to j.hp is godlike, why do uppercut if you can do half health? Great games and I pull it out with some miracle blocking of the whiff lk hurricane, ultra gimmick. 2-1.

8th Round - Ian: I was watching Ian play all day, and I noticed he plays a lot like CvS2 (just like Justin said he did), but I also noticed that he doesn’t use FAs all that often. What does this mean? s.FP ftw. The first round was crazy for Ian I think, the look on his face after I took it was priceless, I don’t think he’s played against a decent Sim before. I win 2-0, but the second match was very close as he started adapting since he is such a good player overall. GGs, I wanna play you more.

9th Round - Blitzman: I was looking forward to this rematch so hardcore. We decided to keep it fun, so we decided to run the first match Rufus vs. Rufus (we both love this matchup) and decide to go serious afterwards. Basically… it was 1-1 rounds in a really solid display of Rufus vs. Rufus during hte first match… the last round of that match, I get perfected. GFG. I switch to Sim, I beat his Rufus, 1-1. He picks Seth again. This match was recorded I believe and it has some really interesting BS. I’m pretty sure I get raped the first round, and the second round was more even. I have a lead, and he lands the focus attack into c.hp, uppercut.

Naturally I get hit by the reset, and I DON’T GET STUNNED BY THE LIGHTNING LEGS. Oh wait… apparently in corner after lightning legs he can do 3 more stomps and the dive kick, and I’m stunned. So basically I’m confident I’m out of the tourney and was about to shake his hand. His combo after the stun, FA lvl 3, c.hp, super. I would like to say that this was the miracle of all miracles. His entire combo after the stun did less damage than a jab.

I would like to stress this again. FA lvl 3, c.hp, super did less than 1 pixel of damage. I pull off the miracle comeback and win the next round, 2-1 and I’m onto loser’s finals. How did that just happen? Its on tape and its interesting to watch how good I run. GGs Blitzman, hopefully we won’t have to play so early next time around, you’re always fun to play.

10th Round aka Losers Finals aka Rape of the Century - MR. TRITE: This is the guy who came second at the UofT tourney where I won my SF4. I think this was some kind of evil revenge. Basically, he rapes my rufus 2-0 and I tank. I’m considering very heavily on whether I should pick the Sim in case he has a poor matchup because of lack of experience, or pick the Rog mirror because I was playing that all last night and the night before with EX_Matt and JWang. My choice was obviously the wrong one. I pick Sim.

Basically, this went just as it does vs. Spiral guy and Jay Wang, with one small exception. In the close 3rd round, he pulls off the win with ex-dash upper, c.lp, c.lp, headbutt, ultra. NAO. I sit there hoping for a miracle to happen like in the match before, but it doesn’t come. I’m out of the tourney. 0-3. Mr. Trite. GGs.

Very awesome tourney experience for me, the fight through the losers was a lot of fun, but I learned about my extreme weakness to Balrog :frowning: I need to work on it a lot.

Good games to everybody, thanks Kai for lending me your TE stick throughout all of losers. BTW, I don’t know what everybody is saying about the TE sticks, they’re the best sticks I’ve ever played on next to noodleman’s stick.

PS - 10% of 270 is not 15 dollars :stuck_out_tongue:
PPS - Thank you Fareed for the drive home! And thank you McDonalds for randomly giving me a cinnamon bun as a consolation prize for free.
PPPS - GS Jay Wang on your Tourney Win. I told you this one was for you. You’ve been playing on point so much the past few weeks, its definitely your time. I’m coming at you with Rog next time, you better be ready.

awesome log from the GIRTH.

if it wasn’t for that, the tourny probably would’ve been longer :slight_smile:

and who were the buffalo crew?


LAST ROUND - I got Wangd in the face. THIS is what it’s all about.

Tournament experience made all the difference in the world. He doesn’t have a reputation for no reason

That’s to pay you back for the token.
I just had to make a call to McDonalds to set it up.





I landed an ULTRA for the first time and I beat a fellow 3D player who beats me online…Im happy.

DICE01 - You KNOW if we didn’t have that PAUSE in our match I would’ve won. I’m not stupid I could tell you were testing out what I did in the earlier rounds. Next time…MM

Exhausted…Next One Early or Late May…

should be Contra and i used gen not ryu o.O


EDIT: Oh, you were talking about Neorussells rankings? Why did you quote my post?

jay fucking wang!!!

good shit dude, really glad to see you at the top of this one :bgrin: .

lol, that’s only because I flipped out on you about Cammy :stuck_out_tongue:

lols GG Gerjay i would love to type that much about who i played but
stoners are lazy
it seems im finding new shit to gay me every tourny

first sagats mk beats messiah and now seths super does 0.0000000000000001 dmg on SIM of all people … lol

Always great playing you and yes i agree hopefully we wont have to play eachother so early

but TEAM Toronto for MIT or whatever its called lol

GGs. Especially random american Dan. I had no idea how to play against a competant Dan. My second match was against random american Gief which I won easily. Third and final match I played Fadi who played Akuma…I had previously played him in casuals and at first I was doing well trying to make him commit to footsies but he baited me and I ate Ultra or super the exact same way I lost to him in the tourney. Nice meeting everyone from Sauga again.

P.S Rufus messiah kick shenanigans were too good.

gotta learn to take out gerjays brown stretch armstrong

Oh man i totally wish i still had that toy
Anyone remember the villian of stretch armstrong

the red guy Mr.X???

was that his name


you guys wanna know a secret on how Jay Wang won?

… he didnt play me LOLOLOLOLOLOL

damn you frame data