TORONTO: The most intimedating 3rd strike player

the title says it all , who is the MOST intimedating 3rd strike player?

in terms of game play not physical appear

for me i’d be that scrubby nerd chun li

if it was appearence wise… prob Don

Marvin goes out of his way to make you look dumb in 3S.

But so does Parry Master Jay.


I pick Will.

It has to be Dragon

who dragon?
you basically just listed like 70% of all the asian on here =D

i vote for CHUN ting che

but den he’s waterloo

Edmonton is scary in 3S cuz I play there. West Side!

BWAHAHAHAHA at this thread.

Happy Holidays

That guy is too safe.

On second thought,
Seriously, the way that guy plays just intimates the hell out of everyone.

I’d say Will. He Intimates me too. Well, so do the Pleasuremen

there was this really large body builder guy who couldn’t play 3s really well. after he lost he didn’t want to leave so marc lite his ass on fire with a lighter. umm i don’t remember his name…

like it has to actually be said…

Stavros The Flame!

uh… phatestpig are you phat as in fat, or phat as in slang phat like ‘yo that was phat’

well i dunno phuck_you_ben, its whatever you’d like it to be :angel:

Ex Matt.

you mean phat like Pretty, Hot, And Tempting?

so phatestpig means…
pretty delicious
hot as in roasted hot
tempting to eat the pig?

OMG, who’s driving?

Secret Weapon’s Ken is pretty intimidating to play against. My ass still hurts from that first game I played vs. him two weeks ago…

That Chun guy isn’t intimidating, he’s just boring. Yeah he wins a lot, but it’s because he’s redundant. REDUNDANCY.

3 __________
/ redundancy

You know what’s redundant? Dashing back, then dashing forward.

cycle redundancy check.

intimating vs intimidating.

My vote goes to Spike. He wastes meter just to be a damn badass.