Toronto Thread 2011

Toronto TFNS Casuals:

Toronto Headquarters Casuals

This year is the year of beastings, Get Hype !

Alex Diiice

Happy New Year, Toronto.

Lets all level up this year =)

Happy New Year!

Arise Mvc3 Feens!!

Hey guys! Got started on the January Schedule. So far i’ve only been able to get the Wednesdays confirmed for casuals…i’m trying to get one other weekday as well (It’s looking like possibly Monday or Tuesday). Trying something a little different with the casuals entry fees…so the 4th session will be free as long as you paid for 3 other sessions. I figure it’s more fair then charging ppl up front as some of you might not be able to make it in towards the end of the month or whatever…but if you happen to be able to make it then bonus for you. Please let me know what you think!

**January 2011 Schedule

Wednesday Casuals (Including Jan. 5,12,19,26) 2pm to 9pm
-$5 entry fee, 4 Session is FREE (When you pay for 3 sessions, your 4th is free!)

Saturday Tournament - January 22nd @ 12pm
-$15 entry fee ($7 for venue, $8 for prize pot)

I’ll work out prize distribution, but i suspect it will be very similar to previous pots…i would like to give away a joystick if possible, but that would be dependent on player turn out, so i’ll keep you posted. Please spread the word folks!

for more info check the HW Thread!

Any word on AE being out already in any of the GTA arcades ?

Not that we know of.
if getty doesnt have it i dont know what will.

Happy New 2K11. Lets get it beasted. Hah! Let’s get it beasted in here!

  • is RXS Casuals still on this year?

SF AE at Getty. Weird nobody posted it yet. It will be busy tomorrow.


Thank you Russel those are the words i wanted to hear.

it was posted in the gety thread. There are about 6-7 players there right now.

good seeing everyone tonight. Too bad i didnt try anything new with balrog

can i get the contact info of that place? I need to pass it along to someone I know so we can get a cab Up here in Barrie.

The owner doesn’t speak English, so contact info would be useless.

Lovegety Station Arcade
505 Highway 7 East
Thornhill, ON, Canada

Yo Marvin what’s good I started playing super in the fall lets run some Third Strike lol.


Yeah man lets have a tournament and have you play Adam B first round like every other tournament!

you got psn? C-Royd

I remember 1 tourney I’m in 4th or 5th round losers then my match gets called n I’m facing him, in my head I was like “Wow now hes stalking me in losers…”. But na I’m on XBL so no PSN.

Anyone looking for a xbox 360 slim 4gb? I want to get rid of mine, brand new & sealed, $150.