Toronto Thread 2011

I just might be interested. I know absolutely nothing about the XBox but I assume no external hard drive is needed for that model if I’m only using it for Super, and maybe Marvel 3?

Anybody selling Super Street Fighter 4, or know a good place? I kinda sold mine a few months back and now I want to get back to the game

Not as cheap as before but

Super Street Fighter IV: Computer and Video Games

They had it for 19.99 during christmas time

if you need mvc3, let me know $55 for both system

im stealing kimbot’s business brap brap brap

Yeah you don’t have to install Super to get it to run but it does decrease load times. If anything you can use a 8 gb usb key.

Dennis whats your price on mvc3

fourty dolla

Check this thread out if you are up for participating in Canada wide rankings for 3S/CVS2/MVC2/ST/HF/CE/A3/A2.

It’s to get people interested in the older games again.

Don’t worry if there are only a few of you in your region for any particular game, everyone is pretty much in the same boat in that regard.

Whoaa Evil Ryu and Oni look godlike!

keep this thread alive

Hi C-Royd

OMG chachaman!

Congrats to RPGv2 for making 5th place in the EVO PSN: SSFIV Tournament yesterday. Top 16 placers and recorded streams after the link. Weird that M.Ross lost to a Honda.


Wow random rey in top 5, so g

Ummm so word is that MvC3 is leaked on 360. Oh Noes!! Capcom be ban the internet.


Lol whats up man, are you still active in SF?

If you’re still looking I have them for $24.00 flat.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 copies for sale tomorrow for those who haven’t preordered it yet. Brand new, either ps3 or xbox 360. $55 each for regular, $80 for CE (essentially retail price due to low #s). I can deliver within markham, Scarborough, DT, north york. PM me.

Guys, this is extremely important. I have a co worker who is “one of those” who thinks he’s really good at street fighter and he challenged me to a minimum $100 MM on saturday in mvc2. I am by no means a top marvel player but this guy is guaranteed to be free for me. I REALLY need a dreamcast stick that I can borrow. It’s on Saturday and I need to pick it up either tonight or tomorrow. I can return it to you on saturday evening or night NO PROBLEM. I just REALLY wanna beat this guy down. We will be recording it and putting it on Youtube. Guaranteed to be 10-0. PLEASE msg me if you have a working stick or even a non dc stick converted to DC. As long as it works. PM me here or add me on facebook

edit: Buddah hooked me up!

Who’s free for MvC3 gathering on Thursday night around 6:30-7p till whenever we tire out. We all have to get ready for tournament next week.

This is a first come first serve basis and I can only accept 4 (1 taken) people in my friends place:
-3 spaces left

Gathering will be in Bathurst and Dupont area so for anybody close and wants to play, feel free to reply.
Again, first come first serve. Hope to see people reply.

Edit: Spots taken. Thanks guys.