Toronto Tourney #14/SoGo Round #3 Plannin'


  • Bleecker Street (Capacity 40-60; Approx 3 TVs/PS3s)
  • SoGo Sports Bar (Capacity 60-80, Aprrox 4+ TVs/PS3s)


  • Oct. 10th Thanksgiving Long Weekend (beginnign of YorkU Reading Week)


  • SF4, SC4; BB?

I really want to do a Round Robin World Cup Format.
-Pools of 4
-Face 3 Pool-mates Once, FT2 Round FT2 Matches
-Top 2 Advance to Quarters (4-8 Pools Required)

Let me know what you guys think. If there is enough interest I’ll confirm this weekend.

NBA 2K10
Uncharted 2

Date wise … I think it is a go … everyone will be around hopefully for the holidays and the extra time off from school is nice

but I think a big issue will be with TVs … people were complaining that 1 + 3 were laggy … and 2 was the only one that was playable

TV Input lag + Mind lag + Playing vs Kymah’s Gen = Too much lag

anyways … im prolly gonna show up and get smashed again… top 33 all the way!

October 10th eh.

Can’t guarentee i will be free, sorry. It is after all thanksgiving weekend.

All you have to be thankful for is that there is a tournament that weekend.

yeah I got thanksgiving dinner with my womans family… I ain’t skipping out on that. Also… the thought of directing or attending 3 tournaments in three weekends is retarded.

I can’t attend.

It’s my parents anniversary and it’s Thanksgiving weekend. Best of luck to everyone.

The PaiPaiPai Taxi Service with missing headrests and shady timing belts will not be in service for this tournament. However, will probably go.

please god no not thanksgiving weekend.

This is also the weekend before SB4. . .

Make it like in November so people can have time to book the day off or something.

And definitely do not do it at Bleeker.

I second this. Also, don’t plan a tourney, and then find a director for 4 at the last second. Just sayin ya know. Lock it down before you announce it. :slight_smile:

Thanksgiving weekend is perfect.

Can I throw out Saturday November 7th as a different date?

For me, maybe the Sunday or Monday is better are you planning to have it ON the 10th or just sometime during that weekend?.. I don’t know if SoGo is open then, I can’t make it on the saturday though.

Thank goodness my family doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

Probs be there

True lol.

Should be fine to come on whatever Saturday is planned since I have Mondays and Fridays off.

We do the tournament the first weekend the SFIV update comes out.

Bleecker’s at Sherbourne and Bloor right?

I might be able to come. If BB is being runned, I could help direct it but I think we’re better off sticking to the regular double elimination since there won’t be a huge number (that and I’m not familiar with round round robin)

Also, I still have the 2 PS3s, I haven’t sold my old one yet.

When the dates are finalized, I’ll see if I can go.

Bleecker would be so sick because I could easily walk there.

I said I’d go to the last one but was unable to go since I was in the process of moving/starting school/familiarizing myself with TTC, but I could make Bleecker 100%.