Toronto's Funland Arcade: Anyone know what kind of stick + buttons they used for SF3?

To those who’ve ever played SF3 @ Funland Toronto (R.I.P), i want to order an arcade stick for my ps3/xbox360 that was exactly like the one they had in the SF3 cabinet there. I’m just wondering what type of stick and what kind of buttons they used for that cabinet.

If anyone could let me know… then i’d possibly just order that setup from arcade-in-a-box.

thanks much

i’m a sadddddddd panda.

seriously, no one knows?

i’m going to assume they had the perfect 360 stick, because there was no clicking like in the japanese sticks.

but maybe i’m wrong.

They had two 3S machines. I think the bigger one near the front had Happ Competitions (based on a criteria of height, spring resistance, and overall feel). The smaller cab at the back had taller sticks so they might’ve been Ultimates but I never tried them. And people always think the sticks aren’t clicking at the arcade, but most of the time they are; the ambient noise just drowns it out.

If it makes a difference, the two main arcades left in the GTA have Japanese controls, so if you have any intention of being prepared for arcade play, it may be a better idea to invest in those instead.

Edit: Forgot about the buttons. All I remember is that they were concave, so they certainly weren’t Competitions. I can’t make the distinction between Ultimates and horizontal microswitch buttons so you’re on your own there, sorry.

I have no idea if this is the same place, but 11 years ago I went to Toronto and my friends mom dropped me and my friend off at some huge arcade (never been to one that big in my life). She purchased some wrist band for us and we could play anything as much as we wanted all day long. It was the single greatest arcade experience of my life.

Cabinet located in the middle beside other fighters:
Happ Competition Sticks (maybe Happ Ultimates; I don’t remember) and Concave Buttons

Cabinet located beside Stacker:
P360 (from what I’m told) but I’ll say Happ Competition Sticks and Convex Buttons

They are auctioning Funland machines on Saturday the 27th if you’re interested:

The convex buttons are almost certainly Competition buttons.

The concave ones are more than likely ‘Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch’, as they’d need much less maintenance.

See, over time, the Ultimate buttons will weaken and can actually break, needing to be replaced completely. I was witness to this occurring at precisely the wrong time for the stick owner, as he was preparing to play in a local tournament I was at. It was a MAS model, and they use Ultimates for their concave buttons (ProTip: if you’re going to order from them, get Competitions and swap 'em out for the horizontal concaves if that’s what you prefer).

Competition buttons and the concave with horizontal both have the same pressure requirements to activate. The only difference in feel is the button shape, and that’s more of a personal preference.

Anecdotally, though, I seem to have more trouble pressing the two Competitions in my modded SFAC at the same time as compared to any two of the concaves I have in.

That brings me to another point. If you don’t mind getting a converter for PS3, getting a Street Fighter Anniversary Collection stick that’s been modded with Happ parts is great for a starter stick. Unfortunately, its stock parts, with the minor exception of the stick itself, are inferior chinese knockoffs (the stick is a pretty decent Super clone, but it pales to a real Competition).

Going custom is the other option, but be prepared to possibly wait for a slot to open up. Good builders get swamped with requests, and some get backlogged for several months at a time.

Hope this info helps ya, man. Peace.

thanks for the replies guys. As much as possible i want to stay away from the Japanese sticks… although i know everyone is using them now, the things is i can’t really get used to the height of the ball sticks. They feel too short in my hands, and i can’t seem to do proper motions and such with them. Plus the clicky-feeling is something i don’t prefer. I like the smooth motions of the American sticks.

Anyways, is there some sort of Japanese Sanwa sticks that are a bit taller? The height (or lack of it) is a huge turnoff for me.

Thanks in advance

In my experience, the resistance of the little microswitch button is roughly the same (ie. essentially insignificant) in various American and Japanese sticks, it’s just that the greater spring tension in Happs probably causes you to notice it less in comparison. It should be impossible to feel the switch under normal usage, unless you’re using the Japanese stick in a quiet place and subconsciously the sound keeps telling you some small amount of resistance is there. Can’t say I’ve ever felt the switch even in the loosest of Sanwas.

I think used to sell a Sanwa JLW with a slightly longer shaft than the standard one, but I can’t confirm anything. Japanese sticks are manufactured to be short and mounted into thin steel, so in terms of height, things aren’t gonna get better. It appears they officially make a larger JLW, but I haven’t seen it for sale online anywhere, and I doubt custom stick builders normally have it as an option. (the bottom one)

The only reason I suggested Japanese controls in the first place was because of the Toronto arcade situation, and then you’re back to square one if you actually go because they’re all short JLFs. You could also try holding the stick differently but I dunno. Basically it’s preference; Toronto tournaments are arcade unlike most US ones and that’s where the best players are, but if you don’t plan on going then Happ should be fine. It’s your call.

I know exactly how you feel TeejayV! There’s something just more natural about the American Style Stick that players from the 90’s just gravitate to. I’ve been talking to a bunch of gamers here in Toronto, and they all agree that playing SFX or MSH is just so much more fun in the arcades (or with a joystick), but they don’t get the same feeling with Japanese style ones… It really is becoming almost like an import vs domestic frenzy really.

I do have one suggestion though, people have recently told me about iL joysticks. Which apparently were the original Happ. I’m ordering a couple this week for a few guys I’m building sticks for, I’ll report back with my findings. From what most people are saying, this stick is apparently the “True” 90s arcade feel. I’m actually quite excited!

He may have changed his mind after the year that passed since he posted that.