"Smash Ups" Results


Thanks to everyone who participated in a 1st TorontoTopTiers tournament. It was a successful event full of fun (gaming), laughter (winners and casuals) and tears (raffle losers. j/k). Props are below the results. I will be posting SSFIV and Tekken results when I get them.

MvC3 Results: 51 Entrants
1st MrTrite - Also received the $50 bonus challenge by Anonymous Sponsor
2nd QuanDizzle
3rd NickCam
4 BuddahForce
5 NeoRussel - i’m happy. It’s all about TEAM DAD
5 Teddy
7 Fullgore
7 PsychoChronic
9 DaDesiCanadian
9 Davero
9 Pui
9 Diobrando
13 DarkDragon
13 JonJon
13 Jing
13 Blitzman
17 Tactix
17 Tassein
17 Rikir
17 Raynex
17 Mikey
17 AdrianTR
17 Rebelo
17 JS Master
25 ChaChaMan
25 Waseem
25 Gabriel
25 Rad
25 Shine
25 Azure
25 Hermes
25 Chris
33 SilverandBlack
33 Gichan
33 BlackDyanamite
33 Gohan
33 Hibikster
33 Brawlerking
33 FussenPepper
33 Rb_999 (forfeit)
33 DaFleks
33 Van
33 DarkDeath
33 DeathFlame
33 Linear
33 WS
33 Weezeball
33 KillaCam
49 DJ
49 IronStein

SSFIV: 38 Entrants
1st: JsMaster
2nd: BuddahForce
3rd: Rebello
4: Shine
5: killacam
5: Mr.Trite
7: rad
7: raynex
9: electricwizard
9: bennyredtoe
9: blitzman
9: jungler
13: dadesicanadian
13: tactix
13: Teddy
13: caoster
17: PsychoChronic
17: GiChan
17: tassein
17: kch1nn
17: Gabriel
17: ahn
17: Daveo
17: chachaman
25: fullgore
25: ultorskoss
25: lmnop
25: ironstein
25: rapevictim
25: JohnJohn
25: gohan
25: Hibikster
33: shanewalker
33: Aaerox
33: false79
33: hvy
33: Van
49: vaughn

Tekken 6 Results: 10 Entrants
1st NeoRussell - OH YEAH!!!
2nd DarkDeath
3rd Stinkybritchaas

I couldn’t have done this tournament without my two other Directors. Thanks Darkdeath and Dafleks for the planning and banner. Did anybody notice the banner?

TFNS Vaughn: Thank you for letting us hold (maybe) the last event in TFNS. You’ll always great and accommodating and i’m sure everybody in the forums know that.

Rob: Thanks for doing the MvC3 brackets with me. I was only there 80% of the time because of other commitments but It clearly shows that you didn’t need my help running brackets. You handled the brackets awesomely.

Alex (Dice): Thank you for running SSFIV brackets. Thank you for the monitors and 360’s that we clearly needed to make this event great. You are another reason that this event was successful.

Vince: Thanks for streaming our event. Even though we didn’t get many viewers because of final round, it was still top notch. We will certainly take into account what you discussed with Darkdeath in future events. Let’s keep that discussion in PM’s if anything. Thanks.

OmegaCollectables (Hideyuki and his Wife): Thank you for donating the sticks and tshirts. Everybody was certainly excited about the raffle and that wouldn’t have been possible without your company’s help. We will certainly talk for future events.

Brawler and Killacam: Thousand thanks for your systems. It’s great to have community members that are willing to assist in making our tournaments awesome.

If I missed anyone, please let me know.

The Event

This was the first event run by TorontoTopTiers and we’re happy to know that everybody had a great time. We will bring the same quality of tournament on our next one.

We also do want comments so please don’t hesitate to mention anything. If you feel that your criticism is harsh, you can send it to me via PM.

We hold MvC3 and Tekken gatherings once a week in downtown area. So please visit our forums if you want to participate. Limited people can come in for those gatherings so let us know.

Our next tournament will be in April. I will be looking for a venue place around the downtown area. If anybody knows of any good places, PM me. I’ll be checking out hotels mostly from now on.

People I played (Team Deadpool Amaterasu Dormammu?

JS Master: The master certainly took me out. I was surprised to play you first but had to learn the game the hard way. Thanks for taking me out. No hard feelings on those comments eh, i know you know that’s how we roll. We hype things, that’s what we do. I say use Dante, he seems to be your style. Team DAD loses :frowning:

Tactix: It was a great match and you certainly woke me up after that beating I took from JS. TEAM DAD wins.

DarkDragon: Thanks for the comments. Clearly i’m pressing the right buttons since I won. You have a great team, i’m just really familiar with your characters (no lie) because of a certain individual. DeadPool overheads are a killer. TEAM DAD wins.

Dadesi: No disrespect about me celebrating when I won. I was just trying to hype up the crowd which certainly happened. Great match overall. I stayed away from Captain America cause I was scared of him more. He has the great potential. TEAM DAD wins.

Fulgore: You were dubbed the “JSMASTER Killer”. Good job on that. But technically since I beat you and JSMaster beat me, he won against you :razzy:. I have a lot of Dante experience so that certainly helped. Great matches. TEAM DAD wins.

Buddha: OH shit, I hate you and your Phoenix. She’s the only one who I had problems with. Stupid phoenix. I clutch you to the last match regardless and i’m happy. I’ll be ready next time. TEAM DAD loses.

Great showing from NickCam for that 10 sec match win. We have that recorded.
Congrats to Trite for 1st and Quan for 2nd. TOSFHQ ain’t no lie dude’s. Visit their hub if you want to level up. 1st and 2nd are there most of the time.



Only results that matter!!

I am also happy that a fellow brown man won the tournaments. Congratulations Mr. Triteinder.


awesome tourny russell, funnest time i’ve had at one in a while

ggs to fulgore and trite, imma be ready for you guys next time.



Great event Russell! We had a fantastic time and looking forward to doing it again. Congrats once again to all the Raffle winners, tourny top 3’s and of course to all who came by our table to chat and give us monies!

(btw, it’s Hideyuki not Hideki as an FYI. :slight_smile: )

Shoutouts to Dragon Punch drinks.


Ahh, sorry about that. Fixed it. I hear Hideki all the time. Hideyuki is new for me. Thanks again.

OH SHIT!!! I completely forgot.

DadesiCanadian: Thanks for adding $50 pot bonus. It was much appreciated.

Hibikster: Thanks as well for adding $50 pot bonus. We’ll set up something for your items next time.



Great tournament. One of the best run tournies ive been to in a while. Shoutouts to the marvel hype and all the drama that went with it. Also good shit to Mr. Trite for making that comeback in Winners finals. Everyone get hype for the real secret sauga vs stc mm next tourney.


NickCam is the new captain of Secret Sauga?

The Stream was fun. I apologize for the amount of yelling in the mic during the NickCam/BuddahForce match.


Stream videos here.





I knew it!

Overall a great tourney I thought, Russell did a great job with everything. I honestly didn’t mind pulling out of MvC3 cause it was a very fun tournament to run (with the help of a beer…thanks teddy/jon!) with some very hype matches!

I think the most important result of this tourney is that it is certain that Anant is twice as good as me. My Viper concedes to your Captain 4-2…gg sir.

By that Logic, it would also mean Quan is infinite times better than me since you can’t divide by 0 (Anant…judging by your math skills in the previous thread feel free to pm me anytime for an explanation of complex mathematical concepts)



Awesome fucking tournament, it was great to attend a tournament and not have to do anything.

ggs to anyone I played. sorry for the saltiness, but this game fucking pisses me off sooo much. I hate that I’m so ridiculously behind but whatever I just gotta get better.

Playing ssfiv again was so much damn fun, it clearly is a stronger game and people should consider not dropping it so fast, at least keep your game up here and there and participate in tournaments.

ggs to gohan, you shoulda gone ryu like I showed you last time lol
jungler: god damn man, stupid blanka lol, I always had an issue with that MU. What was I thinking jumping in with honda?! lol. ggs
Da Desi: Aw man, I hate how soon I got knocked out. I really thought I could take you on but it seems my reflexes are too fail. Maybe some other time.

Fuck you danny

Good shit nick, skrull is too good of an addition to your team. But haggar is the secret weapon because without him there were so many combo opportunities you wouldn’t have.

Good shit trite, if you ever hold casuals or whatnot at your place give me a shout, I can probably come.

Yo john, we suck, but keep it up, even if it’s at that pace you mentioned. you may not rape now, but you will at a later point.

omega and your homegirl, you guys are so cool and it was a lot of fun talking to you both. There’s a lot I can try to learn from you and I definitely will keep in touch not only for the 26th but for any questions that I know you’re the guy to go to.

Quan too beast, put that money down on his boy with no hesitation, it’s great to see pride for your friends. I lose those 5 bucks with little regret. Good shit in singles to.

Yo Alex I’m totally stealing your paper strat, shit got x-copied don’t cry. So simple yet so effective, instead of searching forever amongst brackets you can just refer to that sheet. Good shit on helping to run. I saw dem mad skills vs danny. you know it’s still possible to join a tournament, just asks oemone to help you. If anything, next time if you wanna join I’llc all out matches while you play your shit or whatever.

tat too good now, dat sim

shoutouts to rebelo for random EX headbutts and supplying hype and entertainment.

Shoutouts to ssfiv GF

shoutouts to hulk’s standing hard.

shoutouts to the raffle for supplying as much salt as marvel, god damn

And shoutouts to Neorussel for being such a beast, burning kids about their watches and shouting in a megaphone. got a lot to learn from you
Lesson 1: wear a suit when hosting.


hey guys, I notified russell of this as well but I figured I would post it here as well.

My xbox got left behind (just the console, not the power brick or anything). Its the old model with a “backed up” version of mvc3 in the drive. if anyone has it or saw it please let me know.


GX: I left a msg to Vaughn. Hopefully Dice gets back to you as well.

Gichan: Thanks, lol about that “watch burn thing”. Somebody passed me a lost watch, it was a mickey mouse watch so I grabbed the megaphone and asked if “anybody lose their watch, it’s girly mickey mouse watch.”. A guy then came for it. I really thought a girl lost it. Unintentional burn. LOL.



Great first tournament for me. I am surprised that i got 7th, and was dubbed the “JSMaster Killer”. So ggs to everybody, especially you russell, i will be ready next time… hopefully.


I thought it was JS Killer, it sounds much more catchy anyways.


Yo, when you registered I DID have Fulgore right from KI…you sir spelt his name wrong. How dare you get that wrong!!!

director being told how to spell things salt


SSF4 results?


the videos dont work!


Was looking for it. Found it.

SSFIV Top 3:
1st - JS Master
2nd - BuddahForce
3rd - Rebelo

Full list later.



Pasting from original thread:

I also meant to add this in person, but since I forgot, i’ll say it here:

Mad shoutouts to Vince for running the stream. It’s not an easy job to stare at a tiny little screen for 8 hours making sure everything is running smoothly, especially on a stream that you know is competing with Final Round (but still managed to pull in a decent amount of viewers). Good shit Vince.