TO's and Entering Tournaments

Hey SRK, I’ve got a question that has been kinda bugging me a little bit, so I’ll see what the general consensus is. How do people feel about Tournament Organizers entering the tournament that they’re putting on? Some people say it makes it look like the TO is just trying hustle the people entering, while others say that the TO put all the work into making a tournament for everyone, so why shouldn’t he be able to enter as well? Just trying to see what most people think about it

No doubt this is better discussed in the Fight Game discussion, however there really isn’t nothing wrong with the “TO” entering the event.
How exactly is it wrong? Care to explain?

There is nothing wrong with it, but most TOs will tell you that it is extremely draining to run a large tournament and be in it at the same time.

If a TO wanted to hustle you, he would charge a big venue fee and not actually spend any of that money on the venue.

If he rigs the brackets, well… If four top players get put against each other in the first two rounds, don’t expect them to take it without giving the TO an earful.

Well it is a conflict of interest. I personally wouldn’t give a shit but it technically is a conflict of interest.

And yea this goes in Fighting Game Discussion, it’s fighting game related.

alright I’ll repost it up there, didn’t see the general Fighting Games thread, just saw the one with all the subforums

Not in all situations.
Unless it’s incredibly blatant that the TO is rigging the bracket, but that can happen even if the TO isn’t playing, especially if the TO is buddy-buddy with a cadre of top players.
Or if it’s an issue where the TO gets so salty about being bounced from the tournament that he storms out of the venue for an extended period of time, holding up the tournament because nobody is calling the matches. But that can be prevented with people delegated to run tournaments without the TO’s direct supervision.

When you go to a tournament in the first place, you automatically take it in good faith that the TO won’t do either one of those things, and if he DOES do them you fully have the option of simply not supporting him in the future.