TO's and Entering Tournaments

Hey SRK, I’ve got a question that has been kinda bugging me a little bit, so I’ll see what the general consensus is. How do people feel about Tournament Organizers entering the tournament that they’re putting on? Some people say it makes it look like the TO is just trying hustle the people entering, while others say that the TO put all the work into making a tournament for everyone, so why shouldn’t he be able to enter as well? Just trying to see what most people think about it

as long as the TO keeps everything transparent, i dont see a problem with it, i have organized some tournaments myself, and believe me when i say that it would be annoying not be able to participate after all the work

TOs are often times members of the community themselves. Especially in smaller games, that would not appear at tournaments, with out a community member stepping up to run things. If they’re gonna put in all that work, they deserve the right to play their game.

I’ve run dozens of tournaments that I’ve also entered. I always try to have the brackets available for the players to see, and just to be safe I’d avoid giving myself a bye if the bracket wasn’t full. Never really heard any complaints. But the TO does have the power to make unfair brackets, and it does happen. A TO that doesn’t play in the tournament can still make unfair brackets.