TOSF 3S 3v3 Results & Review



This tournament meant so much for me. All my efforts and hard work was meant for all the TRUE 3rdS massives in TOSF. From day one of the SF32I scene, I was determined to get everyone together to battle it out in tournaments. Back then it was
seriously hard, b/c the internet wasn’t mainstream at all. I had to do it in person. (I barely us it today) I’m so glad the TOSF is at the level it is today, with the help of everyone in the city. (ELITES and ADAVANCED players) This was by far the BEST FUCKING TOURNAMENT I have ever put together. T3 was such a crappy tournament which everyone was not in the mood to play 3rdS. Due to the NO SHOW from out of towners and the stress of the
low amount of entries for ever game, the organizer’s promises was not met and the owners of VA/VF were very dissapointed. The owners really worked their asses off to get everything setted up for T3.

Summer’s End 3on3 Team Battle Tournament Review (7 teams)
1st ) Steven T. (Cool-Killer),Kei L & Nelson W. (pcat)
2nd ) Jason, Darren S., & Robert W.
3rd ) Kinny H.(KinnyGarden), Joe C. (No-Mercy) & John T.(SOS/2)
4th ) Will W. (Will), Ryan C. (King of Naboo), Devan R. (FireFists)
5th ) Wei P. Roy, Clem C. and Anthony, Louie, Doug H. (hyt)
7th ) Tony D., Adam B., Anthony C.

We saw every element in SF today, from aggressive rush
down, turtling, safe, cautious play, “CRAZY” ass combos, insane red & normal parries and the best thng of all … the diesverse style!!! Even though there wasn’t as much of the big combos and insane parries as T2, the VIBE was off the hook. Everyone enjoyed fighting and watching the battles. The finals rounds
were some serious NAIL BITTERS for everyone. Right down to the last members of the team, the FINAL rounds showed a great deal of tension I have ever seen from the players and spectators. I was going mental from the stress watching these two teams going at it !!! Suspense and the finest !!! (Editor’s note: Jason’s team was sent to the losers by Steven’s team, and then they came back to battle it out by beating Steven’s team in the first set and bringing it to a 1-1 nail biting FINAL FINALS!!!)

Respects …
Steven T. (Cool-Killer) - You earned the name once agian !!!Simply insane combos (Editor’s note: Makoto Reset AGAIN during the Round Robin matches!)
Kei L. - Pure SOLID gameplay today & the amount of damage you did was … freakin’ wicked man !!!
Nelson W. (pcat) - You improved 200% today and everyone in TOSF was impressed and the EILTE crew is very proud of you. The crowd went NUTS for you !!!

Jason - Simply the best 12 player I have ever seen in the world … wait until the rest of the world see it when the video comes out !!! You OCVed alot of teams today.
Darren - Very smooth and slick.
Robert - Excellent playing today.

Kinny H. (KinnyGardern) - Thank you for changing your mind and be a part of the team. It meant a lot dude. The team woouldn’t get that far if you weren’t there.
Joe C. (No-Mercy) Thanks for coming on time today man and you KICKED ass!!!

1st -Steven T. (Cool-Killer) Toronto’s SF33rdS GRAND CHAMPION !!!*
2nd - Kei L.
3rd - Joe C. (No_Mercy)

Editor’s note:
Kei vs Joe (Kei wins 3-0)
Joe vs Steven (Steven wins 3-2)
Steven vs Kei (Steven wins 3-1)

Wait until ppl see the FUCKING crazy combos they pulled off and the shit that happened !!!

Thank You

  • Everyone coming out to support, respect and giving me so much face for my efforts in holding tournaments from day 1 (SF32I & SF33rdS) You guys play a major role in this as well :slight_smile:
  • Vince and Roger VA/VF owners for sponsoring the trophy and awards for this tournament. Also allowing us to have tournaments and to create the foundation of our home for 3rdS
    in TO.
  • Will & Doug for helping me get this project off and assiting me at the tournament.
  • To the ALL people who helped me out doing some side jobs
  • To the CvS2 DT & TOSF players for co-operating with my demands.

Keep your eyes out for the next “BIG” tournament next year. Once again I’ll be holding with my other assiting directors … Will & Doug.

Peace & Respect !!!

John T. (SOS2)


yes, OMG those matches were CRAZY!

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that no matter how hard you study the videos (when they come out) you will never be able to play Twelve as godly as Jason. He just uses him so well and gave everyone trouble.

The matches were not as “flashy” or “exhibition” type like T2 but every match esp the set of finals all went down to the wire, with both of the players most of the time each down to about 5% of their lifebars and extremely intense. You can definitely feel the pressure that was on the players during those matches.

Great Tourney John, and it was definitely worth watching and the prospect of an even bigger 3S tournament to come is really something to look for.


Thanks to all involved in making Summer’s End the most fun tourney I’ve been to. It’s great to see that the 3S scene in Toronto has grown since T2. Hopefully next tourney will be just as great!


Hey congrats guys, this is what tournaments are all about.


Sup ppl…
Yea Yesturday was really fun , It was nice to see all those guys play and watch jason beat em all down … now i dont feel so bad loosing to him … lol

Thanks will and Ryan … was fun being a part of Team hugo penis. lol

yay John needs to hold another 3s tourney… Jus not right now, i need to get my ryu up to um … level… i want to play him like kei !! his ryu is insanee!!!

Overall this tourney i had more fun than any other, thanks alot ppl!!
looking forward to the next one!!



Hyt, could you edit your first post to include characters used? Sounds like it was dope!



I’m not gonna edit the post… since adding the characters list would clutter the review.

Anyways, this is just off the top of my head…

Steven Tan: Makoto SAII, Necro SAI, Yang SAIII
Kei Lee: Ryu SAI, SAIII, Necro SAI, Urien SAIII
Nelson Wong: Ken SAIII, Hugo SAI, Chun Li gasp SAII

Jason: Twelve SAI
Darren Shaw: Oro SAI, SAII
Robert Wong: Dudley SAIII

Kinny Hui: Ryu SAI, Urien SAIII
Joe C: Yun SAIII, Dudley SAI, SAII
John Tang: Ryu SAI

Will Willis: Ken SAIII
Ryan Chong: Q SAI
Devan Raghoo: Ryu SAI

Roy: Ibuki SAI, SAIII
Clem C: Alex SAI

Anthony: Hugo SAI, SAIII
Louie: Gouki SAI
Doug H: Ken SAIII

Adam B: Ryu SAI, SAII
Tony D: Ryu SAI, Yang SAII
Anthony Chang: Dudley SAI


I’m very interested in seeing the tourney movies. Please let me know where and when they will be available. Thanks.


Uh… Doug, my last name is Chang, not Cheung, and I used Dudley SAI, not III.
and how did we finish last all alone? shouldnt there be another team tied for last with us?
Not that it makes a difference, but just wondering…


There are only 7 teams in the tourney, the 8th team was supposed to be me, Darrin (AngryBlack) and Marvin (C-royd) to fill the brackets but I think they managed to do it with 7 teams, so we didn’t play.


Haha I just thought there has to b another team that lost 2 in a row and gets eliminated right away… just like us… :depress:
finishing last by ourselves is pretty embarassing.
And thanks HYT for making the changes.


Keep playing 3’s!:smiley:


Hey I just realized those are Mister’s Sex Pistols! I knew I saw those lil dudes before. I use to read Jump comics. My favorite was Josuke(Jotaro’s younger uncle) His stand was Crazy Diamond. Also Buchi, his was Sticky Fingers. Thats so cool that know about Georuno’s crew.

peace out fool
I bet u didn’t think a black dude with a big fro knew about that shit.:smiley:


Please tell me there are (or will be) some videos for this!?



They told me TOSF’s site is down and we can dl them from irc but I still haven’t found any.