TOSF - 3s Results: Adam wins a tournament

Tournament @ York.

1st - Adam B

2nd - Not Adam B!

he has a good ken imo

Even MORE amazing: g3nn finishes 5th! OMG WTF ATM IAN KBBQ !! !!!1 11 1 1

where is the list wtf

uh… that is “Oh My God, What The Fuck Ass To Mouth Ian Korean Barbeque”

Seriously you need to stop watching porn 24/7 Ryan.

Wing’s Automated Teller Machine I Am Naive (Ian).

lol g3nn, you so craaaaaaaaaazy

atm stands for

alex tao mark


hey, did you place higher than marvin? lolol cuz it’ll be funny if you did

No, you like Ass To Mouth.