TOSF:HQ - GTA's Competitive Fighting Training Grounds


The idea of TOSF:HQ

HQ was inspired to us by what we saw in Montreal. Individually, we are all just students, some with no jobs, some with part time jobs, but together, we were able to pool enough resources to start a place like this. Our main objective of TOSF:HQ is to have a place that is ran by the players, for the players. In addition, We also would like to provide a location that will provide training with the best of the best players in the GTA.

All donations and door entrees paid by the players will be used to cover rent and expenses that comes with having a place like this. If there is any excess money taken in, it will be used for future development such as buying streaming/recording equipments and renting out a bigger place to accommodate more players. With that being said, we would still like to stress the fact that we are a non-for profit organization. Just like MTLSF:HQ, we are doing this for the benefit of the players and future growth of TOSF.

**Who: **

HQ is ran by a small group of keyholders and supported by many members of the scene:

HQ - Quan
YRSF - White_R
YRSF - Raynex
STC - Eric Hai
STC - Js Master
STC - Mr. Trite
Team Sp00ky - Emlarr

**When: **


Everynight we will be opened til atleast midnight if you’re coming by for the holidays!

The schedule for HQ breaks down to this:

Monday 5pm
Tuesday 5pm
Wednesday 5pm
Thursday 5pm
Friday 5pm
Saturday 5pm
Sunday 5pm

HQ is usually open everyday. If you would like to attend HQ on any given day and are curious of the attendance of that day please leave a post in this thread.

**Where: **
Please be advised that the location is at a storage facility:

375 Middlefield Road (Finch and Middlefield) This is a storage Unit

** Please note: If you use the parking behind HQ, please DO NOT block the two doors located on the right side of the parking. They belong to another unit holder that is very active and needs to be able to access those doors.


By Bus; take 130 from Scarborough Town Centre and get off the 4nd stop after you pass Middlefield road. (Approximately 7-10 Minutes) Or take any 129 McCowan North buses and get off at Middlefield road. And it’s a 5 minute walk from there.
***** Once you reach the gate, please txt DarkDragon for the passcode to gain access.*****


Please check out our website at:
Dark Dragon - 647 887 4972

You can also reach us on MIRC. If you’re not familiar with how that program works, you can access the chat room through a web based client called Mibbit. Simply head over to GTASF and or TOSFHQ ON EFNET (please take a second to bookmark it). On the dropdown menu you’ll put in EFNET. You put in your username (no longer than 9 character) and put in “#gtasf” or “tosfhq” for the channel. After that you’ll be able to access the chat. It’s a great way to co-ordinate casual games online/offline and many players will attest it’s a hilarious way to spend time as well.

**Why: **

To provide a fiercely competitive environment to level up the community; allowing every player that comes in to receive tips/advice from some of the best players in Toronto if not Canada. Moreover, our goal is to pull the community together. The best, and fastest way to improve is to have everyone train together. There will be no** isolations**, no personal hate; just a chill environment to play SF.

Though we do stress the competitive aspect of HQ, it is also a great spot for casual players and people who don’t even play fighting games at all. Drop by, have a beer, play some casual games and relax.


3-5 XBOX 360s
1 multi platform system (runs NES, SNES and SEGA games)
1 Gamecube
1 Dreamcast
1 N64

We have an assortment of TEs, horis/HRAPS, pads and a ps2 converter if needed.


We currently have all new games on hand as well as the older games:

Tekken 6
Alpha Generations
And more…

**Price: **

Just a friendly reminder, please do not show up to HQ with no money for your entry fee. No one is responsible for your door entry but yourself. This is a non-profit project. All the money gained goes towards maintaining and improving HQ.

-Single Entry $5
-6-Entry package $20
-14-Entry package $40


Random Tournaments:

At any day we may run small tournaments for the more popular games depending on the turnout. Entry for these tournaments are usually $2-3 depending on the prize we’re able to to scrounge up. We recently gave away a copy of the MVC3 Brady Games Guide, free snacks and HQ entries.
We will be looking to put up more SF related prizes.

  • Level up Mondays*

This is pretty much an adaption of what JS and Ehai were holding in the past. Players who would like to gain more insight on their own game and receive constructive criticism and tips. For the now the game will be MVC3. We will have guest trainers we will come everyy so often to help out with other games such as SSFIV: AE, SF3: 3rd Strike and Mortal Kombat 9 and Tekken. The price for lvl up mondays is $10
The format will follow the old STC Level up format:

1-3pm will be casuals where the trainers point out current and potential weaknesses and take notes of how to improve your game while we play.

3-4pm will be training mode session where strategy and combos come into play. There will also be discussions on dealing with stress/pressure/etc…

4-5pm will be a mini tournaments amongst yourselves. This will be the last thing in every training session. Players will test their progress by playing each other in a tournament. You guys can decide if you wanna do it for money or not.


HQ - White_R
HQ - Quan

  • BBQs*

We will be organizing a few bbqs over the summer. The price and Times are TBD. This will be updated ASAP. Expect MEAT, BEER and possible streaming events.

This will be the official training grounds of Team STC and many other top players in the scene such as JS Master, White_R, Spiral guy and Mr. Trite. What better way to get better then training with the best? Please keep checking this thread, as we will have specials on certain nights, and we are opening up possibility to run theme nights such as 3rd strike and MvC2 depending on player’s interests.

Special thanks

A special shoutout goes out to those the helped HQ get on its feet and make it out so far:

Omega_Orochi423 and Omega Collectables
Jamin - stick innovator
ALLCAPS - HQ donator
PsychoChronic - HQ donator
Blitzman - HQ donator
Nguman - HQ donator
Paul187 - HQ woodworker and poker prince
Secret Sauga and OGS-Sauga

Team STC Presents: TOSF:HQ - It's here! (TORONTO)
Toronto 2018 Edition
Any arcades in toronto?
[June 24th 2011]TOSQ:HQ Presents: FridayNightFights! *STICK PRIZE TOURNEY!* AE, MVC3!
Ottawa Thread 2011

I’ll also be happy to answer any questions and match ups on this thread with regards to MVC3. My characters are, Wesker, Taskmaster, Akuma, Sentinel and Haggar. Feel free to ask anything and I’ll be glad to help. We look forward to seeing you this Friday night and at Saturday’s tournament at A & C Games! Cheers!


get hype for hq bbqs!!


ugh… want to come out but money is hurting right now. I’m such a scrub I need to level up my game and my Yun (and eventually Cammy, Akuma, Evil Ryu & Guy)


Love the new thread and looking forward to eating some TOSFHQ BBQ!


This is great guys. I hope to start coming back again and start leveling up. Why the new thread?


Mainly to organize everything into one cohesive first post, and to make it easier for people to read through to see when it’s open.


I’m gonna see if I can come to the HQ a couple times this summer to try and level up.


What happened to all the new blood that came out during the winter. The weather is beautiful now, and the new location can fit a ton of people comfortably. Show some support, talk some shit, level up and have fun.


It’s OG sauga not ogs sauga




fyi, doesn’t look like #tosfhq is an actual chanel on efnet. And you should prob put a link for mibbit as well.


Will HQ be opened this Saturday? I’m just curious.


I won’t be going to the hamilton tourny so if anyone would like to go to HQ on sat, just drop a post here


Nice, I may drop tomorrow still, gonna kill sometime and it has been a while since iv come by


Big thanks to all that went to HQ last night. Shit was crazy.
Shoutouts to ChopperEX for the extra copies of AE

SSFIV: AE Results:

1st Spiral guy
2nd Blitzman
3rd Aerials
5th Ahn
5th IronAiden
7th Jon Jing
7th Calvin
9th Swizz Beats
9th Matt
13th Paul187
13th Dennis Kim

MVC3 Results:

1st Quan
2nd JDK Mark
3rd Joker
4th Rae
5th Tofu Warrior
5th Chaos2D
7th Paul187
7th Jon


are there any videos of the tournament?


JDK Mark recorded AE loser’s final, grand finals, as well as MVC3 winner/loser finals + grand finals


Sign me up for Tues June, 28th after 8pm if you’re open. I’m working before that.


Sorry i couldn’t make it into today. I got held back at work by the time i was done there was no point.