1 JS Master
2 Chaos2D
3 Traininho
4 Rebelo
5 Mr Trite
5 Arcade Legend
7 Blitzman
9 Saco Jericho
9 YellowS4
9 Buddah
9 Gerjay
13 Aaron
13 DaFlipMastaXV
13 Fareed
13 Noodleman
17 Jermaine
17 HeishenConcept
17 Ivan
17 Dice01
17 JayWang
17 Nagata Lock II
17 Nguman
17 Skywalker
25 LedHendrix
25 Maikoza
25 ItalDaniel
25 Kou
25 Metaf4
25 Proteus
25 JesseJabz
25 Darthpaul1982
33 Pyro
33 Sleep
33 Ahntuan
33 Unessential
33 Rod
33 Ben
33 Mahir
33 Duzzy
33 Morgan
33 Max
33 SexyViper
33 RXS
33 Ray
33 Desmond
33 X-Man
49 Mike

Congratulations to Eric on winning the 42 inch Toshiba Regza LCD Television.

Thanks to Bruce for letting us use Cartel Clothers as a host for this tournament.

Thanks to Drekken & Vince for organizing.

GG’s to everyone.


Gs JS:)


oh shit JS actually manages to win one. haha. good shit bud.

and haha rog city wtf.


Oh snap.

PS: Fuck rog.



TVs are a good reason to retire. Everyone got Mastered.

Thanks to Vince, Pyro, Bruce and Cartel.


good shit everyone
the fareed MAGIC was too strong at this tourney :frowning:


for the record trite barely played rog it was mostly blanka and the zanjeeeeeeeeef

gs to blitz and s4 :frowning:

traninho has the BEST dhalsim combacks sorry gerjay


lol I remember when I said his sim was good. Everyone seemed to disagree.

P.S. Rog Army ftw.


i told ppl at the tourney he shoulda been minimum top 5 seed


Jeah, I’ve seen footage of Traininho’s Sim against Calvin, and he was totally on point.

P.S. Sim Army ftw.


lol i guess im 6th?

JesseJabz always fun

Teddy GS ill take it easy on you in marvel

Chaos2d NO FOCUS!

Gerjay what can i say? im a comeback artist i do shit like the charlie brown christmas comeback special =D

trainho good shit but dropping an ultra to you and chris hurt me inside

all an all Spiral and JS know TV 3 is coming home with me =D

lol even tho I didnt play you and push you to losers or kick you out JS

Not such a bad Balrog player yourself… even though you lost to my rog the day before LOLOLOLOL

JS Master says to Blitz after a loss: Not Bad Not Bad decent Rufus you got there

BlitzMan says to JS Master after a loss: Not such a Bad Rog yourself that is after mine lol


Let the charge character training begin



for some reason i knew js was going to win good shit man


This was fun. Looking forward to the next one.

Here are some shoutouts:

Robelo (? or Rebelo ?) : For watching my games when there were no high profile matches. It’s nice to have criticism of my Guile right after a match. Nice 4th Place showing. You’ll get the TV next time!

Nagata Lock: For finding out who I was and Introducing himself to me before the tournament started, and allowing me to Air throw him about 5x with my Cammy in the tournament match in front of everyone =p. (I regret switching to guile for 2nd round) Note: Just because I said I didn’t expect to win, It doesn’t mean I’m not going to fight and try my best till the bitter end.

Fareed: For putting up with my scrubby play in casuals for so long, and allowing me to squeak by a few wins here and there,

Jericho (?): ELF! Period. Actually, I got more. Yeah, you’re the only ELF I’ve ever played against that had ANY clue what they were doing. I’d like to play against you a lot more in the future. Oh, and no. I don’t have secret training from Robelo, at least… not yet anyway =p.

Koon(?): Same as Fareed.

Bittersweet: For realizing SF4 isn’t 3s and not trying to parry like I told her to =p


Just for the record, you didn’t air throw me with Cammy at all.

You did however air throw me with Guile on numerous occasions before I realized you had a read and I was forced to completely ground my Chun Li. Gerjay will back me up, mainly because I could hear him in my left ear say to someone “I’ve never seen Curt air thrown like that in my life.”


Flyyyinnnggg giggaabusrttoooorrrr


Great tournament.
Good shit JS in winning the tv.
Good times chilling with all the crew as usual and also meeting some new cats.

Thx to everyone who put together this and helped run it.


I should have came ;p

REBELO drive me to the next tourny



this tournament was fun ofcourse i always have fun at every tournament

gerjay ur dalsim is awesome im lucky i cought u with that demond still wasnt enuff to take u down u beast!!

good shit to js master

shout out to vince for running yet again another fun tournament but fucking post full results plz!! lol


ps…JS JUST CUZ U WON THE TV DOSENT MEAN U SHOULD RETIRE its fucking nice just watching u play