TOSHIBA and POWNZ present THE FINAL COUNTDOWN PART 2 - Toronto - 09/26/2009

Sorry for the short notice!

Now that Spiral Guy has his TV (Marvin we haven’t forgotten about you!) TOSHIBA and POWNZ are proud to present the next episode (2 more to go!) of THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!

Once again we have a HUGE 1st place prize of a Toshiba 42" REGZA LCD Television as well as other great prizes. ALSO, this time around we’re bringing the event to Canada’s BIGGEST Street Fighter 4 City, TORONTO, ONTARIO! We’ve also dropped the venue fee to a paltry $5 dollars this time SO MAKE SURE YOU COME OUT! GET HYPE!

**Date: **Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Cartel Clothing Store, 2nd floor
498 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
For more info call GAME|OLOGY at 416-324-8460 ext. 225:

Prizes/Prize pool breakdown:

  1. Toshiba 42’’ REGZA LCD Television
  2. 50% of collected Prize pool + Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses
  3. 30% of collected Prize pool + Free UBISOFT Game


1:00pm - Registration begins
3:00pm - Street Fighter IV begins

Venue Fee: $5


Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)
$10 entry
Double elimination tournament [99 sec timer]
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals


Pre-registration will be open soon, check back for details. You can still sign up on the spot though!

SF4 on Xbox! L2STICK

lols at it being the same day as that other (WGG) tourney


Oh shit another TV tourney!

Sounds to me like SOMEONE got fucked over.

Drug Cartel!

Toshiba picks the date on these guys not POWNZ :slight_smile:

I’m still going to WGG.

aww but Dennis i was gonna wear my keppa and hope that you would sing passages from the torah with me.

someone other than gerjay bring some real xbox sticks.

Legendary. How the fuck does pownz have anything to do with this exactly? It’s no where near Hamilton.

Pownz is running the event. and toshiba is sponsoring it.
the venue is moved likely to accomidate more peepolz

Gonna RUN DAT STREAM!? (Even though going downtown is better than watching a stream of a tourny 20 minutes away)

It’s a trade off, we know not everyone can drive to Hamilton. Also Toshiba asked to do the next one in Toronto and rotate. We’re just looking out for you guys.

Oh no accusations being tossed out. Just was wondering how you could slap your name on some other dude’s store. Solid shit either way.

The agent who is working the sponsorship owns the store.

Not that Im player hating or anything but does spiral guy get to enter again ? 2 T.V’s would be so wrong that its right

Just a quick notice… players who win TVs in Toshiba events cannot win another television.

what if he came second? and how long must he wait to possibly win another one?

I’ll be in attendance.

Do we know how many setups we’re going to have?