2 Traininho
3 Blitzman
4 Rebelo
5 LedHendrix
5 Wilson
7 Arcade Legend
7 JDK_Mark
9 Psychchronic
9 Mr Trite
9 FlightWing
9 Nagata Lock II
13 DaFlipMastaXV
13 Dice01
13 ShaneWalker
13 Gerjay
17 Tsuroka
17 EX_Matt
17 Fareed
17 Sleep
17 L-Leet
17 EX2Stick
17 Maikoza
17 Cainne
25 Nguman
25 Buddah
25 radisonfire
25 Jason V
25 Darthpaul
25 Drekken
25 JesseJabz
25 ItalDaniel
33 Captn Dig
33 CQ
33 ZachityZach
33 JohnVaughanJovi
33 RXS
33 David N

Shameful really.

First off a big congratulations to Rey on his win. You earned it buddy.

Big thanks to POWNZ for hosting and Vince for directing. Everything ran smooth.

Great to see so many faces from across the GTA. Big props to Team Vaughn. These guys are seriously on the rise and not to be fucked around with.

Props to Tien for playing a great Rog/Sim the whole tourney.

Props to Blitz for taking it up another notch. You’re almost there bud.

Collins was Godly. I’m so full I’m going to pass out now.

GG’s to everyone.

Congrats to Rey for being old and winning the TV! HD SESAME STREET!
Ggs to everyone
Thanks Ksharpie for the harddrive wished you stayed longer but you still ballin legoman!
Thanks for casual matches everyone
Mad props to Led/L-Leet/Shane/Traninho for repping Vaughan(you’ll get the TV NEXT TIME TRANINHO!)

Nice to see familiar faces!

Rey Long. The rest of you are free.

YAY!!! Rey wins and reps the Hammer hard. We love you Rey. Good shit dude.

I’m ok with it it was my first full
tourney with ryu

Thanks guys – POWNZ, RXS, and everyone who commentated – for the great stream.

Congrats Rey! GS Wilson: rep dat K/W/Sauga! And good shit to the whole top 5.

lol I had tough opponents. . . definitely did not have it today either. I did however manage to take JS’s money before the tourney :cool:

Good shit to Rey, I still can’t believe it lol. Rey Long all day long.

GGs to all who took my money…

i will be back :nunchuck:

no problem js thanks for the money guile 3 rog O and dice wants his money lol

Thanks guys.

Thanks to POWNZ for running another great tournament.


Vince - great directing job, 40 people and you ran through the whole thing so fast.

Justin - for the best reads in the GTASF

Fareed - for getting mad at me and making me actually try to win and play my best for once

Tien - Great sets with you bud, each tourney you keep improving, next TV should be yours.

Blitz - Good Cammy mirrors, build meter for big chombos was fun.

Ngu - Your Ryu has improved so much, keep it up since you’re the future.

WB! - Best dressed man in to show up to a GTASF tourney. The win wasn’t the same without the oldest member of Team Hammer.

To anybody else I forgot, good times hanging out with everybody as usual.

GGs to everybody I played.

I’ll see everybody when SSFIV is out.

wow goodshit Rey, Rep that Fei Long.

Rey Long > Fei Wong imo…Rey Long can actually hit the 1 frame links. EDIT: Actually scratch that, just watched the vid and Rey was missing them like crazy too.

Grats Rey! Was fun hanging out for a bit. Wish I could have entered and stayed around but open bar at a wedding was too tempting. Good to see you good peoples.

Congratz to Rey and Releasing the Dragon on some asses ( Needs bigger Combos =D )

Great to see all the people from sauga, stc, Vaughan, and HOWARD FROM RICHMOND HILL!

I just realized sauga isnt in top 3?

ok well GG’s to everyone thanks Tsuroka for picking me up

and The LEGENDARY POUTINE at Colines… im dying

Ill win TV as long as i get the right coaches

PS. Rebello I TOLD YOU IT WAS THE WEED :smiley:

BlitzMan_G isn’t BlitzMan_Free

why is that a surprise? :wow:

:rolleyes: Yeah because Team STC held it down so hard. :rolleyes:

Flightwing + Arcade legend; stop pretending you didn’t read dis lol

Where is that container of salt…

Vince are you gonna post brackets up? That’d be real nice.