Total Control Plus Dreamcast converter

I recently bought one of these from Play Asia for it only to play PSX only and NOT PS2 (and incidentally it only works with my HRAP1 and NOT my HRAP2). I sent Play Asia an email and they sent me back basically telling me that it’s only supposed to be for PSX, despite what everyone on here has said. Here’s the email:

“I am sorry to hear about this. But as stated in our website, this item
’supports all Playstation compatible Dual Shock, non Dual Shock
controllers and steering wheels’. This means it only works with PS
controller, not PS2 controller. Can you please check again?”

Does anyone know of a reliable PS2 to Dreamcast converter that works with zero lag? This converter works amazing with my HRAP1, but I’m selling that soon and am gonna need one for my HRAP2. Thanks.

Heya man, I’m posting you a response in the Controller Adapter/Converter Thread.