Total Control Plus Question

Hi there,

I was just wondering if someone here that has Total Control Plus for Dreamcast could answer this question. Are all 4 trigger buttons of the PS2 controller used or only 2.


PS2 L1 and L2 = DC L
PS2 R1 and R2 = DC R

Thank you

It’s only two of them. Depending on which mode you select, either L2 and R2 or L1 and L2 will be useless.

Maybe you can help me out. You see, I want to buy the Mayflash arcade joystick that’s currently for sale everywhere including eBay. Now I know you’ll ask me why, so let me answer this right now:

1- It’s cheaper, ya I know, HORI arcade sticks are much better, but I don’t want to spend close to $200 (that includes S&H) for just one

2- I need an 8 button layout, so that rolls out the cheap HORI sticks

3- I want to use on my PS3, DC and PC without having to resort with a converter for my PC and PS3 as well as the DC converter.

My main problem is not with PS3 or PC since everything can be mapped but with the Dreamcast. If this is the mapping of the Mayflash joystick,

then it’s going to cause some problems with the mapping. If you could tell me everything you know about the Total Control Plus, I’d appreciate it. Basically, let me know what every mode does.

Also, please note that I have no soldering skills to modify it.

You have to also check if the TCP will play well with Mayflash pcb. If not you might as well do a whole overhaul on it. Get a psx pcb and wire it up to the stick. Also get a new joystick and buttons and put them in as well.


EMS side up

Switch on left side
IIRC, some mode for steering wheels

Switch centered

Switch on right side
Square__Triangle_R1(mirrored on L2)
Cross___Circle___R2(mirrored on L1)

Edit: Fixed

Excellent, thank you for the information.

TingBoy is awesome and I can confirm those configurations. I thiiiiink he actually might have the center and right-side positions confused with each other, but the configurations themselves are exactly that.

I don’t use the latter two positions, so I might have the last 2 mixed up =P

Edit: Fixed above post. Just played with my converter. I was wrong about the mirrored buttons and positions of the switches. I kept thinking that the switch was on the other side of the converter.

Crap, then it’s not going to work then :mad:

Guess I’ll have to forget about this joystick then.

Easiest way to remedy this is to just buy a cheap soldering iron (i got mine for like $15) and learn via online tutorials/youtube videos (that’s how I learned :tup:). Then you’ll be set =)

I’m very bad with tools, I once broke a hammer and glued my shirt to the table when using a hot glue gun :looney: