Total Control Plus question

I read on one of stickes that the Total Control Plus is THE adapter for ps to dc. I noticed the con was that it was having trouble with Later Mas sticks. is that the only problem or is there any other known problems. I will be using a HRAP and a T5 hori stick(american). Any compatibility issues?

i have 2 and i use them for both the HRAP2 and T5 sticks and they work fine was playing marvel earlier today with the TCP

when i tried to plug 2 totalconverter with 2 vmu and 2 arcadestick (ps2) the all thing damaged the controlmainboard of my dreamcast… now i replace the burnt thing with one “bigger” and it works again…i dont know if it was because of the 2vmu+2ps2 stick+2third party converter that the dreamcast “exploded”… i will try sunday with just the 2 converter and the 2 sticks without the vmu… hoping it won’t “explode” again

It’s the dreamcast and not the converter. The dreamcast is such a problem that you never know what will happen next with it.

I’ve used a HRAP with my total control plus for over a year with no problems whatsoever. As far as the newer MAS issue goes I don’t know if that happens to everybody. I purchased an MAS brand new on Ebay in November 2008 and don’t have any issues with it when I use the same adapter.