Total Ignore - Why Don't We Have This Feature?


You read the title.

Why don’t we have total ignore? It’s not enough that the posts of someone I have ignored are blocked out. The person’s avatar and shit are still clearly visible and, frankly, I’m getting triggered.

Give us Total Ignore, where the person’s posts are just completely removed from a thread.


you right !

can’t facking stand ben stiller showing up on my screen from time 2 time.


It really should be an added feature. Many other forums have it. I don’t know why SRK doesn’t.


some annoying little shits think that every other post in a thread needs to be theirs, even when they’ve never posted anything constructive on srk ever. like this garbage fengshui guy

currently, putting someone like this on ignore does nothing. the thread is still twice as long as it needs to be. somebody figure out a way to allow me to make these people disappear, especially when an influx of stupid new people is on the horizon. thanks