Total newb wants to know the best place/way to learn how to play Akuma on SF4

My friends have finally convinced me to play SF 4 and out of all the characters, i think i like Akuma the most. However, my Range of knowledge in this game is what buttons do what punch and the standard Motions for Hadokens, Shoryukens(which i’m not to good at yet), and tatsu’s. Thats all. So i basically need to learn everything i can in order to play my friends who kick my arse.

This is also my first post on this forum so all help is appreciated.

head to the akuma forum here: and start readin, hitting up practice mode to practice his links and combos

Here’s your first stop:

And here’s your second: (You’re gonna want to be reading in this thread, not posting - not yet. People get a little touchy over there when you ask questions that are better suited for the Saikyo Dojo)

Alot of it is going to go over your head if you’re a newbie, but it’s darn good reading, and it will start to make sense as you play.

Match up thread

Raging demon and its mechanics thread

Akuma phonebook for finding matches

Akuma combo thread. DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED IF YOU CANT DO THESE YET. practice makes perfect.

Match up specific demons.

Useful links for akuma.

Lastly the akuma forums.

Welcome to akuma. the most frustrating experience of your life. have fun?

Hahaha alrighty then! Thanx for all the help guys! It makes me laugh a bit tho, because on every fighting game i’ve ever played, i seem to always pick people with no health lol.

Yeah his health is really low, not alot of room for error but his mix ups are great.