Total Noob with a question about plexi!

Hi there, I’m glad to finally be on the SRK boards as an active member! I’ve known about them/read them for a long time, and am just now getting serious enough to join them I suppose =p

Anyways, introductions aside, I am looking to buy some plexi from and was wondering if anyone had any experience with sending him artowrk to have cut to your arcade stick/plexi specs. I have read through his website and it’s quite incoherent to me as it seems that if you do not have photoshop (I don’t) than you can’t make your own artwork go on his template and send it to him. So in short, I would like to ask if there is anyone willing to use his template and put some nice wallpaper art I found on on it so that I may send it to him when I order my plexi!

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. As for specs, Im ordering the Full panel replacement tp://
With the “first six button” scheme. If you need any more info just ask away.

Thanks so much for reading this!

arthong has Thread.

And there is Template Thread.

How long have you been reading SRK?
Because everyone knows about the two Threads I linked.