Total Noob

looking through the sticky above, nearly all the links on it are dead at this stage.
Few questions, if you dont mind.

1- When you get points at the end of a match ? where do they go ? what are they for?
2-When editing a grove, do you only get 4000 ? anyway to increase this number.

3-Any links for combos, ive seen videos with people doing all this crazy crap and doesnt look like A grove [also A grove combo links would be fun]

thats all, thanks everyone. This games crazy, back to SF3 soon.

  1. who cares =/
  2. dont use ex grooves.
  3. try or or
  1. er…High score
  2. no clue. can’t help here. And don’t use EX-grooves unless for the fun of it.
  3. <3
  1. yes
  2. True
  3. Alaska

ok thanks, i was asking for combos, like how to do them, not videos.

  1. points determine bosses and ending chances, and high score
  2. beat the game a bunch of times or clear all survival mode to unlock unlimited points groove edit
  3. timing =P

how to do combo other than A-groove ones? Well, you can search the sub-forums for them.

How to do combos?

What kind of combos? Chains, links?

Go to training mode.