Total photoshop newb needs some input

Hey all, since I couldn’t get anyone to make me some art for the custom stick, I had to try it out on my own. So far this is what I’ve come up with.

Stick art

I know the background is shitty, but I thought it worked out nicely since it sorta forces you to focus on Yun instead of the background.

Hehe, If it isn’t obvious, I can’t photoshop for crap. But do you guys think that once this is cleaned up and everything it would be cool enough to warrent being put on my stick?

If not, what kind of alteration/effect/whatever would work well with this?
Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out.

I think your placement of Yun is spot on.
I would loose that background. Something discrete instead or
even just all black would be better.

Might I suggest adding some shadow-images of Yun behind him. (those blue/transparent shadows that trail behind the character during their super moves) That effect is also shown during the SFA3 intro where all of the characters are flashed around along with the action words. It could function as Yun’s Super Art III mode.

Your attempt at Photoshop is admirable. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you want me to help out in fixing it up.

The background you are using is too pixelated. I’m assuming that the original is much smaller than the foreground image.

  1. Make one from scratch (which is easier than fixing it)
  2. Replace it
  3. When you resize it, use a “pixel resize” (sorry don’t know the photoshop equivalent). Then apply a gaussian or other blur filter over it.

The gaussian filter will make it a bit like the background were out of focus/distant from the camera. If you’re going to use this approach, also apply a very weak gaussian filter along the outlines of yun (but not the crosshairs). The overall appearance would be someone taking a photo of yun with the background out of focus behind him, then the crosshair were applied on top of the image like an HUD.

You may also want to fix the crosshairs, as there are some weird clips on the upper right hand. It’s like you tried to paste the background after you pasted the foreground. While this is necessary sometimes, I’m trying to stop doing that myself because it isn’t a very good habit.

Hey thanks for all your help guys. I changed the background, and tried to blur it, but the new background looks a little better without being blurred. Thanks a lot for the tutorial though, that’s one more thing I know how to do.

That Genei-Jin idea was really cool, Psychosquall. Thanks for offering to help BTW, I’ll definitley let you know if I get stuck on something.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.
Stick design thus far.
I kinda like it, but the shadows seem a little too faint, and it looks too plain… I dunno, what would you guys do?

And I have one more problem. I ordered the stick with red buttons/stick, and I have a feeling it’s gonna look pretty fugly with those. I was thinking of emailing DreadedFist and asking him to order a different color, but I’m not sure which. I was thinking yellow, but I’m not too sure.

Any help would really be appreciated, thanks guys.

Try adjusting the background. Make it darker and add more contrast.
Go back and forth til it feels right. I would say that the
darkest parts of the background should be all black.

Shadows looks fine I think. It will show when the background is darker.
Well at least I think so.

After that I actually think red buttons will be ok.

Try adding red dots where the buttons has to be
to make it out.


Just for inspiration and to demonstrate what I am trying to
explain. Obviously I can’t show exactly what I mean easily
whithout the original resources nor do I intent to
but a little something like this.

Hey, thanks for the help Shim Sang Joon. It’s coming along pretty good, here’s the latest version of it.

I decided to go with a darkened version of the alternate Hong Kong background, since there’s way less going on it seems to focus more on Yun and less on the background. I added some cool glow effect I found to the shadows too. The red buttons seem like they will fit in nicely with the design too.

You guys think this looks stick worthy yet? Notice anything I might’ve forgot? Any more suggestions? Everything is welcome, thanks again for all your help.

I wouldn’t mind having a stick like that!

There is allways room for improovements and you can keep
working on stuff forever but definately gonna make
a hot stick IMO.

I’m planning to build my own as well but for some reason
the guy I ordered the sanwa parts from seems to be screwing me
(Yeah I know… Owned) so no parts yet!!!

Anyways I’m thinking of using one of these:

What do you think?

Your making my stuff look crap man. I’m doing some artwork for bass, i hope he doesn’t see this stuff.

lmao. I’m telling :stuck_out_tongue:

Showcase it.

ak-umar you better get the art work up to scratch or my cat will be feasting on your nuts lol

Completely offtopic, but what do Guy and Ibuki have in common?

They both ninjas?

Hey thanks, I think I’m going to use the current version for my stick. I’ll post a pic of it when I get it. Thanks guys.

Both of those designs are awesome SSJ, I like the top one a little better though.

She want’s him bad!

Didn’t you know???

Thankz for the comments.