"TOTALCONSOLE F300" MayFlash Arcade Fight Stick Joystick for PS4 PS3 XBOX ONE 360 PC

Has anyone seen this yet?

Looks like it might need a DS4 to work on the PS4, but wouldn’t be a bad option to mod, no?



I’ve heard about it, and yes I believe it needs a PS4 controller to be connected to it to use as a PS4 joystick. Wasn’t my cup of tea.

But I am curious if it’s the exact same body (and size) as the Mayflash V2 that was for Xbox360/PS3. I can’t tell if it’s smaller or not. Seems like it is. Since it seems to be cheap, might be interesting to mod it up though.

As long as it takes authentic arcade parts, you can probably gut the PCB for something like the Brook Universal Fighting PCB

It’s the Mayflash V2/Venom/8bitdo FC30 Arcade USB Joystick case - I’m kind of obsessed with my Venom. it’s a nice case and very, very easy to modify. It will take Sanwa parts nicely, though you may have to file down the button holes to fit Semitsu - it’s been cut a little haphazardly. Think of it as a nice case and a decent PCB with some nasty cheap clone parts thrown in for free.

What you don’t get with this one (by the looks of it - I haven’t handled one) is the magnetized plexiglass for custom art. That’s really the key feature of the Venom, Mayflash V2 and 8bitdo. The 8bitdo is pricey, but has bluetooth and sometimes Sanwa parts. You would probably dig the retroness of it , I think?

If you do decide to do a PCB replacement I worked out part of the pinout for the start/select button daughter PCB here: Reverse Engineering Mayflash PCB “MF002V” Going to assume the LED PCB follows the same conventions, but haven’t had a chance to check.

Enjoy your reviews, btw - you more or less sold me my Hori FC.

EDIT: shot of the internals in this video (no LEDs) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pVS1Vi7EGo

I have this and I used with Brook Super converter. Is too easy change for Sanwa joystick and buttons.

Is more small than Venom

Hello Guys,

i have a question and can’t find an appropriate thread so I’m posting here.
I’ve recently modded my Datel Arcade Pro Stick with Sanwa Buttons and joystick.

Now i’m trying to learn Double Tapping in SF 4 with Sagat and i’m having a really hard time to execute the double tap.

Since i’ve had to widen the holes for the sanwa buttons of my datel about 2mm more can it be that the button doesn’t work as fast because of to small holes or doesn’t it matter?

Sorry for my confusing english just trying to find out why i’m having such a hard time to double tap that button, or is it just so hard to learn to double tap?


It’s probably because SFIV has completely asinine linking requirements. Widening a button hole shouldn’t stop the microswitch from actuating

Thx for the answer.
So you’re saying that it is just hard to get it press correctly?

Yeah, I have a lot of problems with combos in SFIV - the game’s single biggest flaw is how hard it is to link moves. SFV is much kinder.

Tell me about it, i know what you mean. Probably not the best game to get into fighting games :slight_smile:

Some pictures





Now replace pcb for Brook FB P3/4


Thanks!!! This is good info. I might start looking at the Venom instead. I am in love with Street Fighter II, so I would probably want some custom artwork in there for sure. I like the retro look of the 8bitdo, but I think it’s a bit pricey.

Thanks for this - I will probably get the Venom at some point and swap PCBs

@“Letram Chi” what are the stock parts like? Especially that lever.

this review is saying it works with all consoles as is…confirm??

"I could not be happier with this thing. The description states that you need a Dual Shock controller attached to the arcade stick to use it with a PS4, which had me concerned. However, this arcade stick DOES have legacy support. It works with SFV perfectly without the Dual Shock controller plugged into it, making it essentially universal. It works on every console and on PC. This is the single best arcade stick to pick up for modding at present.

Pros: Perfect stick for modders just starting out"

Ps3 and pc will plug straight in, anything else requires a pass through controller to bypass security lockouts. PS4 games with Lab Zero driver support (aka legacy support) are made to work with most ps3 arcade sticks, so this new Mayflash works using ps3 mode. SF’s implementation of legacy support still requires a DS4 for each player though.

Hi guys i’m new on this I hope you can help me, looks like the default joystick for this fightstick has a 4-gate restrictor & i’d like to know how hard would be change the default restrictor for an 8-gate restrictor… or do you recommend change the whole joystick?.. Would better, easy & cheap by just changing the restrictor?, Thanks!..

Before you continue I going to clear up any possible misconceptions.

When you say 4-gate? You don’t mean 4-way gate do you?
A Square Gate is not a 4-way gate, its a 8-way gate, all 8 directions can still be detected.

Its only when you take the square gate, and rotate the inner gate 45 degrees so its appears to be a diamond when it starts to act as a 4-way gate.
Yes the gate in two parts, and outer and inner gate.

Also it be cheaper and easier to leave the joystick stock and learn to play on a square gate.
But changing the restrictor is not hard at all