Touch Her And She'll Break Yo Face



Let’s talk the most killer ass in fighting games.

Her anti-air’s boss, amirite, fellas?


Been playing her at my friends. Love the slut design and beatdown sticks.

s.MP great poke/cancel into Rekka mixup or just confirming into the openers
c.HP good anti air
s.HK decent anti air
DP+K is good too, but I couldn’t get it off properly on pad.
Shadow DP+K has a nice corner follow up where you can air throw and then DP as another follow up.
Haven’t gotten a chance to mess with the instinct mode leopard thing. It’s usable everytime you are in neutral/offense. Can’t use it during block stun haha. I wished it was usable to interrupted.

Also everytime I do her Ultra combo, while she’s raving the baton’s on the victim I can only think of:

  • “Slut design”? Daaaaaaamn.

  • Anyway I’ve been using her s.HP more as a punish poke into her Rekka mix-up.

  • I play with the thumbstick (which is way too loose) and I hit her DP well and good.

I wish her F+HK was a tad faster but it’s useful as it is.


I think the s.HP is kinda slow but if you get out into the right range to swipe people with it it’s good. s.MP is my goto so far after blocking a lot of stuff up close.


I seem to alway get hit after landing F+HK. I never get an auto double or manual afterwards. What can I follow it up with?


Special cancel F+HK, it’s a command normal not a special. I admit I also went for Autos afterward because it just looks ‘special-y’, but I got over that habit.


As far as I know you can only followup with a special move.


No one’s mentioned her sweep yet? I’m starting to abuse that thing. Two low hits, very safe, goes under FBs. Does a lot of things vuuuurry well


The first hit of her sweep doesn’t actually knockdown, keep range in mind. The first hit should be special cancelable, btw.


True, it doesn’t, but cr.HK moves you forward and I have yet to see only the first hit connect. It’s got about the same range as st.MP.

Where did you see that the first hit is special cancelable? Can’t replicate that at all, special or super


The first hit should be special cancelable; my wishful thinking.

I’ve only contacted the first hit several times actually.


Anyone have any go to manuals that they use in specific situations? I tend to use st.MP after a HK slide under a fireball. Timing is fairly easy.

Edit: found this thread going over manuals for all characters.


Once it starts getting shadow countered on reaction you’ll stop using it as much :frowning:


If her sweep is blocked at max range s.HP is a damn good stuffer.


What’s the deal with double linkers? I’m always getting auto doubles when I try them.


Her specials cancel into specials during a combo. Maybe you’re doing it too fast or slow?


Be careful of abusing her sweep. If you make it a habit, you will get shadow cancelled.


I have found ways to utilize her juggles if anyone is interested. They are unbreakable and get you 30% using 1 bar and 25 % no meter.


She easily has the best walk speed in the game and a great set of normals. She’s effectively the Chun Li of the game so far with a heavier emphasis on mix ups.


Been maining her since day one. Here are my issues:

  1. Priority on her normals is terrible compared to the rest of the characters.
  2. The reach and startup of her lights and mediums does not allow her to punish moves that you should be able to technically punish.
  3. No real blockstring pressure.
  4. Easy to break supers. (not really an issue if you are paying attention, just counter breaker)
  5. Her DP is pretty terrible. It doesn’t reach forward enough in a lot of cases and doesn’t reach vertical enough in other cases. It get’s stuffed and beat cout far too often.
  6. DP firecat should be projectile immune. Fuck Sadira and her protection of the Russian skies.
  7. She needs frame traps because she doesn’t have any.
  8. Flik-flak needs to low crush like the devs said it would.
  9. Firecat and flik-flak shadow moves need better invincibility frames on startup. (pretty sure firecat doesn’t have any)
  10. Heavy rekka ender needs a slightly shorter charge time. Especially since you need to do 2 rekkas beforehand. Saberwulf can just charge his outright so I think Orchid could do with half a second less charge time.

If I rate to rate her on a tier list, should would be clearly on the bottom. The rest of the cast just have a combination of better normals and tools that make them better overall. I’m not going to stop playing her, but they really need to buff her.