Tougeki '08 Live Feed

Will Tougeki '08 have a live feed, like last year?

I’m thinking about taking Monday the 18th off from work so I can stay up all night Sunday and watch the feed. I have extra vacation days left over so there’s no reason not to, but it’d be lame to take the day off and then have nothing to do.

I hope and pray that there will be, but nothing has been confirmed yet, as far as I know. On the tougeki website, there is no mention of a live stream.

I remember hearing that there wouldn’t be, but I forget the reason why.

Probably cuz of YouTube. That shit was all over YouTube like the next damned day. :lol:

Well maybe they’ll reconsider at it gets closer to time. It was really a blast to be able to watch, but if not I’ll just have to hope someone can give timely updates.

On a semi-related note, is EVO doing the stream thing again?