Tougeki 2006 : Game Listing

Those get in the ring are :

  • Guily Gear XX Slash
  • Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
  • The King of Fighters XI
  • Hokuto No Ken
  • Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden
  • NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
  • Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned
  • Street Fighter III Third Strike
  • Melty Blood Act Cadenza.

Tekken 5, Kof Neowave, Guilty Gear XX#Reload, CVS2 and Capcom Fighting Jam are out

arcadia mag December, neo arcadia

sharon is taking slash and J is taking third strike this year, no doubt about it.

hey anyone got any screen shots of Hokuto No Ken. it must be pretty good to be featured in SBO.

Hokuto No Ken!

Seems to be a good lineup.

Only one capcom game… I was hoping ST would make a come back since it’s still fairly popular in Japan, but I guess it’s too old and not spectacular enough for “TEH TOUGEKI” :tdown:

LOL CFE was in for Tougeki 2005 whereas no pro played it, they just trained for CFE for tougeki then -> trash man…

so nobody knows about HNK cause it hasn’t been released yet…

Am I the only one who’s sad that only one of those games is available in America right now? We are so fucking behind. If this keeps up, the Japanese may just start considering Evo a joke.

i wish our tournies would update there game roster…hinthint** :wink:

I remember reading somewhere here that the SBO organizers are said to be organizing or have organized a ST only event, so it’s still there.

I wish I could find a VF4:FT cabinet. Thats a great game list for the next SBO,though I want to see more of A3 somewhere.

I’m kinda suprised cvs2 is gone. Great lineup, though.

It’s no surprise that CVS2 is gone. The game has been dead for about 2 years now. The only place people play it anymore is at More, just like ST.

All the games that were expected to make it made it, but that’s a little strange considering that the roster went up to NINE games from only six games at Tougeki 2005.

As everyone should know by now, Tougeki’s main purpose is to showcase and hold tournaments for NEW fighting games. 3rd Strike is only included because of how popular the game still is.

Personally I’m surprised that NGBC was included since I haven’t seen anyone play the game in over 2 months. Oh well!

My deduction: Evo’s list exists as such because EVO is runned by Capcom lovers. Almost half of the list belongs to Capcom. SBO is runned by people who play more than Capcom games, that’s why we’re seeing all the variety of titles. Even SNKP’s games are added even though they are dispised by many people in the West.

Don’t flame me please. This is only my deduction.

Why you post this on a Capcom-related games site is beyond me. :confused:

although he makes big assumptions, what he said isnt that medium of an insult to capcom fans.

but the fact that he added the “Don’t flame me please” will get him burneddddddddddddd

Is Hokotu No Ken this? --> :xeye:

SO they added CFE last year and now they deleted it from the tournament? does that makes any sense to people who spend hours/days or even more playing CFE and now its in the trash?

Thank God theres many other tournaments around the world that dont follow those "SBO rules"
Theres no CvS2, no ST, etc… that sucks :tdown:


you suck

Hokuto No Ken = Fist of the North Star
And not that version, but Sammy’s fighting game.

It doesn’t make sense that people would actually spend hours/days playing that crap of a game… it really doesn’t make sense at all.

CFJ was dead way before SBO2005s games were even announced. People only went back to it after the announcement, so they could be one of the people at SBO running for CFJ. Afterwards, it died again, since nobody actually liked that thing.

Yeah, nobody really ever gave a damn about CFE.
Shame about CvS2 going though.