Tougeki 2009 DVD Cover Upload


I wanted to start uploading some DVD covers that were impossible for me to get. Tougeki 2009 was only available by buying issues of the Arcadia Magazine and even worse to get the DVD cover for the disc available in the magazine I think you had to early purchase or subscribe to them first, the history of them is kinda unclear to me. What is clear is that they were hard to find. I have 4 volumes, which I think is all of the main DVDs, but if anyone knows of more please mention it.


It is going to take me some time to upload them since I am trying to clean up the raw scans. I am pretty amateur at it and it takes a few hours so if anyone wants the raw scans to clean them up better than me or to do them themselves, I will not be offended, just let me know and I’ll get you them. Otherwise just wait until I link to the finished image as I complete my work. I’ll try to update daily.

Vol.1) raw available by request


Vol.3) raw available by request


If there are any other scans you are looking for please let me know, as I have a pretty large collection of tournament DVDs including Tougeki, EVO, and some Insanity DVDs.