truly a great weekend. thank you to all the out of towners for showing up(CANADIAN BEARS, PHX LOS SUNS, SAN FRANCISCO LESBIANS). the top 3 teams put on a grand show for us all.

10 Teams
1.) “Apocalypse” - Pyrolee (YU) / Ken. I (MA) / 5Star (KE)
2.) “Evil Geniuses/Norcal” - Justin Wong (CH) / ROM (YA) / Ricky Ortiz (KE)
3.) “She’s 9 and She’s Mine” - C-Royd (RY) / AdamB (KE) / AneurysmX (DU)

best of luck to the denjin dream team for this upcoming SBO (you are our last hope)!


21 of the strongest fighters from all over the world gathered together in Simi Valley to compete in the legendary WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF 3rd STRIKE. 21,000 spectators came to this event cheering for their countrymen. We somehow fit everyone in.

21 entrants
1.) Pyrolee (YU/KE)
2.) Vinny (KE)
3.) Letbloodrun (CH)
4.) Amir (CH/KE)
5.) Renic (AL/UR)
5.) Thyallmighty (OR)
7.) 5star (KE/GO/CH)
7.) AdamB (KE)

here are pictures from the event:

I also want to congratulate Super_Yan for winning the Ladies of 3s invitational! Very impressive Makoto :slight_smile:

congrats to the qualifiers, rep well in japan

any vids from the team event? sounds pretty epic

I don’t know how to say this, but you people in California are clearly mistaken regarding these tournament results. We were fucking turned around at the airport and weren’t even allowed into the United States so I want to know who the fuck this “She’s Nine and She’s Mine” team is, aside from a group of phonies who have what seems to be the greatest team name ever.

No vids from the main tourney up yet, but I got some footage from the women’s tourney though.


almost all footage of the tournament has been captured. they will be released on the denjin youtube channel shortly. will update when that happens.

lol at the team name. i thought ur t10 team name was funny but this is even funnier. props to u guys placing 3rd in the qualfier n adam placing 7th in singles. adams ken is too nice

Glad to know that the U.S. is finally going to be rep’d by the strongest possible team

Team “Apocalypse” not Team “The Apocalypse”

:tup: The Yellow Ken is still a monster. Good shit AdamB. :tup:

shaddup i own you

gah, this guy is still alive?

now all that’s left is for DSP to qualify for the SBO ST team.

Congrats to everyone.

Good luck at SBO, Team Apocalypse.

Put on a good show! :tup:

Asshole. >:[

NorCal isn’t ready for Denjin handball. It took me like 2 hours to pick out all the dirt and rocks inside my foot with tweezers and cuticle cutters I brought (luckily). Doesn’t help that the whole ride back home Ricky kept saying it would get infected and they’d have to cut it off. :sad: :sad: :sad:

Congratulations Yi + team.

Rom and I will try to make it down again this summer (so fix Drummania! The tom (red one) is broken!)

Congrats to everyone for making it out and representing the best game ever.

Congratulations to team Apocalypse and I wish you the best of luck! :smiley:

Congrats to all competitors. Glad to see that U.S. still plays 3s. I have a good vibe about this year, everyone do their best.

yes and please do not use the name “sextaro” because it will cause me to be banned from sbo.

Thanks everyone, we will do our best.

Please put Sextaro as Kentaro

Liar. You made that up.


“Ken I.” is fine…