Tougeki 2012 qualifiers schedule and results


[Chou Tougeki - Special qualifier]
Haitani(MA) - Momochi(YU)

[Hokkaido - Tohoku]
A-1: Tecchi(CH) - Furo(YA) - Matsuken(KE)
A-2: Sakurada(AL) - Zabi(GO) - Neriume(UR)
A-3: OUT(Q) - Terunosuke(AL) - KZ(GO)
A-4: Roku(KE) - Nights(YU) - Magi(CH)

B-1: Nuki(CH) - Kokujin(DU) - Tokura(YA)
B-2: Sugiyama(NE) - Roshihikari(YA) - RX(UR)
B-3: Chako(UR) - Nisu(KE) - Mochi(CH)
B-4: AFM(CH) - Tominaga(MA) - Ebara(HU)
B-5: Yakkun(YU) - Uraken(GO) - Mimora(MA)
B-6: Kuroda(OR) - Boss(YU) - MOV(CH)
B-7: Genki(AL) - Ike(DU) - Pierrot(RE)
B-8: Kamy(DU) - Sei(EL) - BLUE(IB)
B-9: Atsushi(IB) - Heboryu(RY) - Hiyama(CH)
B-10: Pierre(UR) - Match(GO) - Vanao(RY)
B-11: Rikimaru(CH) - KO(YA) - Ochibi(YU)

C-1: EXCEL(MA) - Higashi(KE) - Dir(CH)
C-2: Kitagawa(KE) - Shikarobin(RE) - Terubou(YU)
C-3: Chopper(UR) - Hirochan(OR) - LUKA(MA)

D-1: Naga(KE) - Umemon(EL) - Yuki Otoko(GO)
D-2: Chinta(KE) - Shoutarou(MA) - K(CH)
D-3: Loli(DU) - Matsushita(IB) - Kamiide(YU)
D-4: Chance(MA) - Hagobou(DU) - Okaka(KE)
D-5: Raoh(CH) - Mester(YU) - Higa(IB)
D-6: BARA(MA) - Wantaaren(YA) - Matsuda(YU)
D-7: Takami(CH) - Takaoman(RY) - Yuusuke(YU)

[Honshu - Shikoku]
E-1: Goe(IB) - Izumi(CH) - OJA(YU)

[Kyushu - Okinawa]
F-1: RB(UR) - Koudai(YA) - CHAP(MA)

[International Slots]
France: Otana(UR) - Gunfight(DU) - Marko(CH)
Taiwan: Rockpon(KE) - Asika(UR) - Larry(CH)

[Last chance qualifer]
Zonex(AL) - YSB(HU) - Kaeru(DU)
Kazuya(AL) - Iyan(YA) - Taihei(UR)

Characters appearance (32/32 teams):

  • Chun-Li: 15
  • Yun: 11
  • Ken: 9
  • Makoto: 9
  • Urien: 9
  • Dudley: 7
  • Yang: 7
  • Gouki: 5
  • Ibuki: 5
  • Alex: 5
  • Ryu: 3
  • Hugo: 2
  • Oro: 2
  • Elena: 2
  • Remy: 2
  • Necro: 1
  • Q: 1


Excellent resource. +1

With regards to this place:

Location: Kinki, Wakayama
Date: May 4th 2012 (from 7pm)
Store: PitagolassMQ

I always had this down as Pythagoras MQ?

Only becasue Google translate throws that out when you run their name through it: ピタゴラスMQ

Anyway, there’s a fucking huge and well updated 3rdStrike nico playlist for them here:

I’ve yet to make a start on it although I’ve been updating the spreadsheet every couple of months, I imagine the Tougeki Quals will get thrown on there in no time.

Random links:



Dang no international quals. Stay free Shit Edition.


TheShend: “Pythagoras” is right.

SBO(or rather, Arcadia Magazine) is going through some tough economic times, hence some of their more crazy decisions this year like bringing in console games into the lineup for the first time ever.


Do you still have to win a regional qualifier and then advance to the block qualifier?

America could have gotten a qual… We just don’t have enough players who like to go outside and play vs humans. They like to stay online all day. (>_<)


I would have expected Family to get a qual but nope. Also southtown arcade but nope as well. :frowning:

Tonight’s stream URL. PREMIUM FUCK.


Unfortunetly, we don’t just get quals. The arcade owner would have to invest a few thousand bucks to the winning teams airfare.

I wonder if the stream will have any 3rd Strike.


Day one of stream: Scrub Fighter 4, VF5FS, and 3S.




kazuya vs YSB
tominaga vs furo
yama vs vanao

roshihikari vs matsuken
kuni vs makeinu
talbain vs higa

nuki vs MOV
kokujin vs genki
kyabetsu/cabbage vs junin

rikimaru vs nakamura
RX vs kenzo
haitani vs taihei


Guys stream can be watched now. It’s FREE!!

3rd tournament will start at 3pm according to Roshihikari’s tweet.
Only 28 players but all killers!!!

YSB, Nuki, MOV, Vanao,Sugiyama, Pierrot, Roshihikari, Rikimaru, Kuni, RX, Haitani, Higa, Momochi…


oh come on. first round? that’s a tragedy. :frowning:

also, i can only get the stream to last for a few seconds before i get punted to some payment page. are you sure it’s free? edit: nvm, it seems to have stabilized.


There’re 2 mirrors. Stay tune to this article: – Click the red button to watch – Mirror stream provided by Kadey of NeoGAF. Note that the stream is in HD, so those with slower connections may be unable to view.

The twitch one is too laggy for me so I’ watching the first one. No problem so far.

The official stream has limit time for free users. You have to refresh which is annoying.


Damn Higa finished Talbain too quick lol


Haitani wins. Says he’s gonna team with umehara. Lol


Haitani won and chose Umehara and Momochi as 3rd Strike teammates.
He really said that but no one know if that was a joke or not.


I would assume it’s a joke lol otherwise Haitani has his work cut out for him


qualified team:
haitani, momochi, umehara(?)

rumoured team:
kuroda, boss, MOV
nuki, kokujin, tokura
KO, ochibi, rikimaru
mimora, yakkun, uraken


wait…daigo is playing 3s???



Momochi used to win Tougeki 3 years ago. With a few training he’d become scary again not like his performance today. But Daigo, he quitted the game 7 years ago now he’s back. So let’s see if there’s anything new from him.

This news bring 3rd Strike much more mainstream looks today. Games are meant to having fun and let’s assume Haitani did his choices for fun only, don’t be too serious :slight_smile: