Tougeki Arcadia Cup / SBO '08 Prospects

Anyone recieved any information on SBO’08? Will 3S and AE be included? And if so, will you be training up?
Who is quitting the scene and who is going to be looking for spots this time next year?
Will the organisers allow as many positions as last year? Will Korea recieve spots?
Will we finally see the dream teams we’ve been waiting for?

Are you ready for a new challenger?

Marvel Superheroes Versus Street Fighter!!!

Sorry got carried away…


uhm a little early with this arent you? sbo 07 JUST ended 2 weeks ago…

You asking me that on this forum where people post “when is the next insert game going to come out?” two days before the first game is even released?

And whats the problem with some discussion and reflection on SBO’07?

Wasn’t a thread like this posted already?

calm down

Sigh… no not really, people have been discussing in the other threads. SBO’07 teams, KOF in the US, and Kuroda.

But I suppose now we can discuss why this thread should exist.


seriously chill out

2 Post in 3 minutes dude? Look like you are the one who needs to chill out. :confused: :lol:

Man is this the best SRK can so these days? Man, think I’ll head to GameFAQs, at least they stay on topic. I swear, SRK gets stupidier every year.

I guess its the price of peddling to a larger majority. :rolleyes:

Calm down dude…


game predictions
Street Fighter 4
Sengoku Basara X
Tekken 6
Virtua Fighter 5
Soul Calibur 4


you didnt ask for predictions. you asked if anyone heard if tougeki announced next years lineup. two totally different things. predictions is fine, asking what next years lineup 2 weeks after sbo just happened is a little ridiculous.

whichever it is, doesnt matter now since this thread has already failed.