Tougeki SBO '08 - Games And Tentative Timeframe Announced

the games were just announced.

arcana heart 2 - 1 on 1
guilty gear xx accent core - 3 on 3
the king of fighters 98 ultimate match - 1 on 1
street fighter III 3rd strike - 3 on 3
super street fighter 2 turbo - 2 on 2.
tekken 6 - 3 on 3
virtua fighter 5 ver.c - 3 on 3
hokuto no ken - 1 on 1
melty blood act cadenza ver.B - 2 on 2.

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edit: if i’m reading what i’m reading right then qualifiers start around April and the final event falls in August.

double edit: added a poll

Wise fwom your gwave.


Anyway,I wish Sengoku Basara X would have made it.Oh well,there’s always Tougeki 2009

KOF 98 UM, 3S, ST, and Tekken 6 are the only ones I’m interested in. Everything else is just…meh.

always good to see new games…

Can’t wait to see these!

AH2, GGXXAC, T6, HnK, VF5, KOF98 = ;o

I wonder if the Japanese would ever use ST HD Remix?

KOF 98 UM = :tup:

HnK = :confused:

MB = ew

I wonder why they brought HnK back… :confused:

because it still has a strong player base and very strong players in its community. all that day one toki stuff just doesn’t cut it now; you’re going to really see the true broken stuff this year, bounce infinites, all of that.

if i remember correctly they actually booed when kurenai no buta won, but this year we’ll really see who’s the best.

Nanto Bakuseiha!

HnK? Haha, so random, but I can’t complain.

Sicne it will be the Arcade version,Rei’s DP infinite is in…

yeah but they had some rule restricting its usage or limiting it, like, you couldn’t end the match with it because it was game freezing or something? i don’t remember the specifics, maybe tianyuan or pharaon or mamation will come in here and correct me

Ah, gotcha. :tup:

On another note, I’m really happy to see that ST is on the list again this year. I would’ve expected it be left out but I guess not. :lovin:

yeah, i think US players have a reeeeeaally good chance of doing VERY well this year ( wolfe brothers, i’m looking at you ), but the competition will be very fierce.

MBAA’s gonna be awesome.

In my opinion VF is such a fun game to watch. Crowd gets really hype

Teehee at HNK again. Should be an all Jagi and Mamaya tourny lol.

Still hype for 3s again. Most hype game there last time. RX was too good.

I voted for Accent Core… but god damn am I excited about seeing HnK again. :rofl:

I am hype for AC, but watching any fighting game being played at a very high level is usually fun to watch.