Tougeki SBO '09 8/14-8/16 *update*: SBO Schedule now up!

Taken from here:
UPDATE: SFIV now 2v2.
Tougeki site now up:

(As of 4/19) NEW:

8/14/09 - Friday - Day 1
Street Fighter IV (2on2)
Virtua Fighter 5R (3on3)

8/15/09 - Saturday - Day 2
Tatsunoko vs Capcom (1on1)
Fate/Unlimited Codes (1on1)
Street Fighter III Third Strike (3on3)

8/16/09 - Sunday - Day 3
Blazblue (1on1)
Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2 (2on2)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (3on3)

8/17/09 - Monday
Farewell Party plan

???5 R?3on3?

??? vs. ???1on1?
???III 3rd STRIKE?3on3?

??? ???3on3?

?Farewell Party???

Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Fate: Unlimited Codes

Arcana Heart 2: Suggoi
Street Fighter 4

Virtua Fighter 5R Revision 1
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Guilty Gear: Accent Core

-No Melty Blood this year, which has been in SBO for the past 3 years, even though this year was the year of the new game, which generally is the best chance of it making it to SBO. Very strange, considering Melty Blood’s extreme popularity in arcades. Maybe some inside drama or conflict that isn’t known?

  • First year with no SNK games at all. I was personally expecting KOFXII.

  • 3S and GG are still in, even tho SFIV and Blazblue (their supposed “replacements”) are also in.

  • Normally there’s 3 1v1, 3 2v2 and 3 3v3 games, but it’s now 4 1v1, 1 2v2, and 4 3v3 games. Interesting.

  • This information was taken only by a blog, and it hasn’t officially been announced in Arcadia or another source like that AS FAR AS I KNOW (tho someplace like that is assumingly where this guy got his source from).

BTW Thanks much to Zakuta for the link! He gave me the link, I just posted it

that should say Virtua Fighter 5R

I so wanna see those BR matches. Where would I be able to buy these dvd’s once they are out, Playasia?

Fulaani - Changed, I thought it was 5R, but I just copied from the site.

Mystic Bash - This year’s SBO dvd’s just came out recently, so it’ll be roughly a year for the next ones. Play-asia does indeed have them, iirc.

AH2 is 2v2 format this year? Huh, pretty interesting. And no singles BR? Even more interesting. I guess I’ll take this with a grain of salt for now.

I’m such an annoying asshole but… It’s Virtua Fighter 5R Revision 1. haha. By the time SBo rolls around there should be a newer version out than Revision 1 though.

It’s okay you can hate me lol.

I guess they decided to drop Melty Blood for FUC

Looking foward to Tatsunoko vs Capcom at SBO

huh that is weird… FUC over melty… that is some weird ass shit… no suprise on the other games… so many new games this year…

i think melty didn’t make it cuse new revision in the works… maybe…

lol, this is probably the best lineup ever

F/UC is the one I look forward to the most :rofl:

shows how well-received sf4 has been :I

mbaa not making it doesn’t make any sense but whatever

ill wait for official list

TvC for SBO? America has a chance!!

Just for the sake of correction, it should be ‘Bloodline Rebellion’.
Nice line-up, by the way.

this list sounds hoax, but i’m guessing that the rule is “new games (as in totally new, not a revision) get a 1v1 1st”?

kof12 will be too new i guess, but why MBAA isn’t there is beyond me.

If this is true thats great. I’m very happy to see 3rd Strike getting some love still. The lack of ST is kind of upsetting, but what can you do?

The ST community does a great job of running its own stuff: X-Mania/Master Secret Cup/Star Cup/etc. I expected them to get dropped since it’s such an old game and they don’t need SBO anywhere near as much as some of these other games do.

And I’m also having a really hard time buying FUC over MBAA. Everything else seems legit though.

Wasn’t CFJ at SBO when it dropped?

CFJ was at SBO, yes.

I expect the final list to have all the new games and none of the old games, to be honest.

I would have thought KOF 2002 UM would have been promoted for the first year before dropping into obscurity.