Tougeki - SBO 09 DVDs release

The DVDs will be released with Arcadia instead of being by themselves. It will be release in the order as follows.

??? 2009?11???IV/VF5R???
??? 2009?12???6BR/??III3rd???
??? 2010?1???/Fate???
??? 2010?2???GGXX?CORE/???2???

Note that Nov issue of arcadia releases on 30th Sept 09 and Dec issue on 30th Oct 09 and so on. Please to not get the dates and the month of the issue mixed up.

The easiest way to remember is Arcadia issues are always 1 month ahead in terms of the month we are in.

Any good sites that you can import these from? I was getting my SBO DVD’s from Play-Asia (since I know they ship to the UK) but I’ve never known sites that deal with Europe that have Arcadia Magazines.

It’s just the bestbout I heard. Official DVD will be released individually for each game like last year.

I have my subscription to arcadia from play-asia.
Atleast for awhile now.

Is there any good reason why I don’t see a TvC DVD on that list? :frowning:

TvC no DVD basically


^ Seriously?? Wow, Japan really does hate that game! :lol:

the finals were boring. sorry guys!

It’s actually been picking up a lot of steam lately. More and more people are playing it in the arcades. From what I’ve heard, it could be licensing issues like with HnK last year.

You probably don’t understand what’s all going on. Kind of like most people here don’t actually understand TvC. Glad you guys have fun talking shit anyways though.

You probably take random troll comments too seriously. In fact you definitely do! Glad you have fun getting so worked up though!

Good shit trolling, you’re a cool guy.:tup:

Subscribe to Arcadia Magazine through Play Asia.

I think this is great they are including the DVDs through the magazine. Most months they seem to have some interesting DVD packaged with it anyway. Lucky for me I can usually find each issue in Japantown here in SF…

Those magazines are all in japanese w/ katakana/hiragana lettering?

Can someone confirm this?

i agree!

Damn I was hoping T6:BR and IV were gonna be on the same disc.

Then nobody would buy the others. :wonder:
troll bait has been laid

Injustice once more…

Damn straight. Cuz the only other exciting thing is TvC.


Reno has us covered :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone should check out his site for updates, he’s on top of things pretty quickly.