Tougeki SBO 2 3rd Strike Results

Tougeki SBO 2 3rd Strike Full Results

1st Place - 5 Wins
Raoh (CH), Mester (YU), Spellmaster J (KE)

2nd Place - 4 Wins
Xiao (IB), J (MA), Isse (YU)

3rd Place Tie - 3 Wins
Nuki (CH), Boss (YA), KO (YU)
Hikone Fight Club (CH), Matsuda (YU), Washimi (KE)

5th Place Tie - 2 Wins
Ayu (CH), Hitosu-me (KE), Erotic Teacher (DU)
AFM (CH), Match (GO), Pierre (UR)
Happy (AL), Pierro (RE), Ruu (RY)
Pyrolee (YU), Frankie3s (RY), Arlieth (MA)

9th Place Tie - 1 Win
Baito Kokujin (DU), Ten’in Yukiotoko (GO), Hirai (KE)
Nejiyan (??), Asutoro (??), Onanism (UR)
Sekido (YA), HH (MA), OJI (YU)
Dirty “Music” (OR), RX (UR), Aruka (IB)
Jima (DU), Kurenai Haru (CH), Kokui (RY)
Inoue (OR), Disk (YU), Nomoto (GO)
Kan-B (Q), Wada (YU), 777 (CH)
Tama (OR), Yamacof (DU), Uni (NE)

17th Place Tie - No love for these teams…
Georgia (RY), Fujiwara (DU), Kuroda (Q)
Tsumon (RE), Red (IB), S (YU)
Ume (KE), Nitto (YU), chou hayashi hayashi makoto sumi masumi (CH)
Sugiyama (NE), YSB (HU), Sawaguchi (YU)
178 (DU), Ushi (UR), Deshiken (KE)
BHC (UR), Doto (GO), Mokomokofu (KE)
Shouga Shiru (UR), Yamaguchi (MA), Hiroshi (DU)
TKP (DU), Isak (CH), Wata-R (YA)
Izu (MA), Chikyu (12), KSK (AL)
Furuya (MA),Uraken (GO), Nigase (YA)
KTA (MA), Kyosenshi (Q), Shonen (UR)
TMO (KE), Soto Iso (UR), OK (GO)
Pino AB7 (NE), Messatsu Yarou (UR), IBuki12 (IB)
Yokoyama (RE), Yamada (UR), Gong (DU)
Denka (RY), Nagachan (KE), Umemon (EL)

Notes -

Frankie3s, Arlieth & Pyrolee take out PinoAB7’s team in first round then take out Kan-B’s team 2nd rnd. They lose 3rd round to Xiao & J’s team.

Izu’s team loses 1st round to Jima’s team.
Onanism’s team loses 2nd round to Spellmaster J’s team.
Nuki, Boss, KO lose to Xiao, J, Isse - placing them 3rd.
178’s team loses to AFM’s team 1st round.

I didn’t see Cartman (KE), Kaichoha (AL) or Yokoyama (HU) from Tokushima in the results. There must have been a team that took over for them that qualified at SBO. Was Onanism’s team the “last chance qualifier winner”? I can’t remember…

I hope the official dvd that comes out is better than last year and has more than 30 mins of footage…

Well, I got 2 of the top 8 placed right in my predictions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did Mester and Matsuda reveal their TOP SEEKRIT YUN TECH?

And I take it full results will be coming soon…I wanna know where my boy H.H let me down. :frowning:

Much appreciated,


Franklin Third Strike!

Whoa, team USA beasting on Pino and Yarou…nice job guys!

And thanks for the full results DBA. Just curious, is the “Ume” on Nitto’s team Umehara, or someone else?

And I didn’t see Nitto’s team or Onanism’s on the qualifier list. Did Nitto’s group replace Yamamoto’s, and Onanism’s qualify at the last-chance thing, or the other way around?


Ume is just Ume. Not sure if thats short for anything…

I’m guessing either Nitto’s team or Onanism’s team won the last chance, and perhaps the 2nd place in that replaced Cartman’s team from Tokushima. But I don’t have official word so its just speculation.

Here’s a bracket. Everything’s in Japanese.

if you take out the “2_3rd.htm” you can see the main page which has brackets for all the other games. Don’t ask me to translate all that, please. :smiley:

Looks like USA lost 1st round in cvs2.

gj team usa!

damn is mago the new tokido now or what.

Good job to team FF for representing in Japan :slight_smile:

Good job USA:cool:

Am I the first to admit that the US 3s team was put in a very favorable bracket. Good job nonetheless.

Great job Pyro, Frank, & Tom. Hopefully you guys impressed them enough so we can send 2 3s teams instead of one:D :cool: . Hope the CVS2 team did as well as the 3s team.

EDIT: Whoa the CVS2 team did lose first round. I wonder to who though? Must of been a beastly team.

Well, Buk said something like in his log, which I have no trouble denying.

But this is Japan, and we’re US. You know the stereotypical Japanese Scrub = US Top player? Sometimes I still hold this to be true. I believe that ALL of the players at SBO of Japan are good. No matter if they have a name or not. There can’t be scrubs at an event this high. And that goes for Team USA, who definitely wow’ed all of us when we think of it like that.

yeah, since Mester won and Matsuda took 3rd place, those rumors seem more like to be true…
I want to know!
And I’m waiting from stealth-camera captured vids like the first edition

Good job team USA!

Good shit FFA =D

Hell yea good shit Team USA. I’m really wondering what happen to Fuji’s team I wanted him to win, damn say it ain’t so. O well Good shit again Team USA.


Reading the site, Nitto’s team won the last chance spot, and Onanism’s teamate is no-show so he basically OCV Nitto’s team and then lost to the tournament winner’s team. Tough bracket for him~

Once again Japanese messed up the spelling of our players…


Good Job to Team USA in 3rd strike. Now get laid by hot japanese girls and come back home to tell us about the secret Yun technique so we can ban yun from tournaments LOL =P j/k

Oh, and fools yappin about 'oh team usa lost 1st round in CVS2 boo hoo…well one of there members “punk ass Ricky” Didnt go so it was just Buk and Kim as a 2 man team. So of course it was that much MORE difficult for them to get a win off.

Yeah, Thanks ricky for being a punk and qualifing when you knew full well you werent going to go. Bastard.

So everyone yell at ricky and call him names =D Probably would of done hella better if his butt was there representing.