Tougeki SBO 2008 Results


Ummm I thought Watson and Cole was the other US team.

Who the hell is TheMuffinMan and Evil Elvis? Did Cole and Wats sacrifice their spot?

Wow, that leaves Kuroda (Gouki) and Ino (Makoto) playing with a team of 2. The arguably-best team just suffered a huge blow…

MOV will still play watch. Broken hand just makes his Chun even with other Chuns.

i saw 2 or 3 of them at last chance quals

stop ignoring and answer the goddamn question.


they didnt go
muffin?man and evil elvis went in their place

for some reason these two answers contradict each other

then they forfeit the spot to the other team, i dont see the problem as long as that team specifically didnt have the sbo ticket.

Wow that sucks. Watson and Cole probably had a legitimate chance to do well.

I’ll be cheering for that random x 3 dude in Ultimate Match.

i was surprised to hear chibita and homestay got eliminated so quickly, but i’m glad to see a jacky main win at sbo.

does anyone have a link to the 98um brackets? i wanna see if the japs pulled some shit and put heipi and xiaohai on the same side to avoid another chinese vs chinese final

Brackets won’t be up until after last chance qualifiers.

Seriously, Chibita not in Top 4? That’s a surprise to say the least.

Last year was the only time Chibita has won an SBO, and it was also VERY close. Comp is too fierce in Japan.

It also sucks to hear MOV broke his hand. Now the team I was seriously rooting for will have pretty dismal chances of winning(unless Kuroda and Ino OCV every match). Well, I at least hope KO’s team will take it, if not Kuroda’s.

Kuroda’s team still has a shot, KO’s team is the biggest obstacle since they needed MOV to shut them down at quals in the first place.
Buuut Tougeki is all about crazy upsets, so who knows.

Mov should man up and play with the broken hand. (I kid.) But I wonder, which hand did he break?

MOV would probably still beat me with a broken hand.

Well, that’s another Kuroda/Chuck Norris joke I guess; not only did he ask Capcom to lower Akuma’s stamina, but he also enters tournaments with injured team members.

I hope it’s nothing serious for MOV though; most stylish Chun-Li I’ve ever seen

alright someone passed me a little exaggerated info from what cody actually said, here it is word for word and ill leave it up to you to interpret

doesnt say hes not playing so i guess we can hope!