Tougeki ST '08!

Oh yes I agree, it is not new news by any means.

I was comparing to earily days of the US playing S/ST. (Mid/ Late 90’s). People were not doing ‘safe jump negitive edge OS spinners.’ But, O.hawk was still a force (again, at least in N Cali).

it sorta makes sense that o-hawk is pretty high, still cant say i agree with his ranking tho.

he handles ryu, chun, ken really well. not sure how he fares vs bison and balrog, but it seems pretty even. i dont think bison has anything to escape his ticks and balrog vs hawk seems a bit like balrog vs gief.

not sure how hawk does vs guile or deejay. their defense and zoning game are not as strong as sagat, sim or vega, so hawk has an easier time getting in on guile and deejay. it seems like another pretty even matchup.

but all hawk needs is one grab and its over for almost everyone.

the only characters that seems to give him trouble is honda, cammy, sim, claw and o sagat.

How is the O.Hawk vs O.Ken matchup?

i would say its in o.ken’s favor just because o.ken can recover from his fireball quik enougth to DP his dive(proper spacing required) so he would have a hard time getting in. However im saying this beacuse i’ve played the N.Hawk machtup so many times, but im not sure if its the same for O.Hawk

The super hit box is bigger. Goes beyond the sole of his shoe. I mean… they include those old moves to highlight how they’re stronger than ST versions.

Gamest, btw, had Hawk at #2 in SSF2 behind Sagat.

Nobody wants to bite on american SBO team prognostication? Any of team Seattle going to try their luck at the Qs?

I guess my eyes are worse than I thought. :sweat: I am looking at in now, and I having a hard time making it out! ~heh~ My old post has been edited.

I have spoken to cole, about SBO. He wants to play. He can’t find anybody to play with. Basically, goes like this:

For his possible options…
Choi> Getting his masters deg.
Watson> Busy
Wolfe’s> Only play with each other
Afrolegends> $$$$
Giga-MSx (UK CHAMP)> Greencard/Visa
Valle> Doesn’t want to. (Deosn’t care about SBO)

How much would it be to stay in Japan during SBO?

Where are the qualifiers?

fatboy - Thanks for the lowdown. Uh… let’s go Justin?

umbrellastyle - Good question.

Well let me know when you find out, because with Remix at Evo, I’m really tempted to try to qualify

As of this year Midwest Championship is the main ST event in the US.

June 21. Chicago.

Fatboy - Cole doesn’t know me but tell him I’ll lower my standards and team with him. :rofl:

Nohoho, do you mean the MWC will be the SBO qualifier? Is that true? Will there be any others?

Yeah. SBO Qs at MWC. Don’t know if there are others. Doesn’t it feel like we’ve all been clawing around in the dark a lot lately? Pretty frustrating.

^Heh this thread alternates between SNK talk on one page and ST joystick talk on another.

If he’s that good, they’ll have to tone down the damage output at least.

sup immortal havent talked to you in awhile how you been? try and get on live a little more so we can play you coming back to evo this year again? Antonio and i will be be there again for sure

What he forgets to mention is that Hawk has a hell of a time actually getting in to do his tick-SPD trap.

From GMC blog…

Dara: Which players will you be keeping an eye on at SBO?

Otochun: Definitely the Chubu crew. I expect Futachan, Gotoh and ARG in particular to bring it since they’re all true SF2 fans. Got to watch out for Chubu chief The SuperStar, too!

From Kanto it’s Daigo (hoping he enters) and Gian, who’s been really tough lately.

In Kansai, Suzuyan [Suzuki?]. Kimoyan [Kimomaru?], Seki, Tsumura [Fei player], Nekohashi, Kachu, Kuni, Danjiri Dhalsim etc. are all working hard so I expect them to take out some top guys.

1st SBO Qs are this weekend @ Nagase UFO (Kansai area.)

Daigo and Gian team? sick.

^^^^^^^^ It is like Wolverine meets Batman… total badass-ness… for those who are old school enough to remember… Dark Claw… :rock:

Or if your REALLY old school… and willing to to admit and show a few of your deep dark secrets… Lobo the Duck… :wtf:… That’s right… Lobo meets Howard the duck… Yes, it did really happen (1996)…:sweat:

I am ashamed to admit I konw that…