Tougeki Super Battle Opera 2012 announced - lineup


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited (2on2)
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver.2012 (3on3)
Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena (1on1)
Aquapazza (2on2)
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (3on3)
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (3on3)

3s is back, KOF is dead, suprised to see Bluazblue not included (they’re really pushing Persona I guess)


It seems like the rule is one game per company (only the bigger companies) and the organizers’ personal baby, 3s.


fubarduck is saying they are no longer at TGS and it may be the last year of SBO.!/fubarduck/status/175600915703808001!/fubarduck/status/175601168242847744


This is disappointing…I would have thought Kof13 would be have been in for sure and they could have considered putting in UMVC3 (even if it’s a console game)… Looks like the most prestigious fighting game tournament is done, hopefully someone else takes their place and makes something similar.


Sounds like the Arcade Fighting’s swan song.

But I want to believe that it will rise again from its ashes, one day




It’ll probably come back on console instead of arcade or a mixture.


No Super Turbo or KOF but Aquashitza gets in.

Hope this lame ass, bribe driven tournament does roll over and croak.


I was really expecting KOF to make it in. A damn shame. That aquapazza game looks terrible.


Why did any of you think KOFXIII would make it? It’s still a relatively new game in the U.S., but it’s almost 2 years old in Japan with a very minor following. Yes, a revision was released but unless game carries strong enough popular following in the arcades (or contain ‘Street Fighter IV’ in the title), it will not make the cut.

I personally like KOFXIII, but the game not being included in this year’s Tougeki line up is not surprising at all.


Yeah, the page makes it pretty clear that there’s a chance this could be the last Tougeki. I’m glad that they brought back 3S though. The Cooperation Cup this year was a huge success and that possibly sparked some interest to bring it back, besides being KSK and Matsuda-san’s favorite games. :stuck_out_tongue:




if the games on the list are the only ones for this year, i would be very dissapointed, it would be the 1st year without GG, not to emntion that the lack of kofxiii and bbcsex would be very disheartening; not to mention that this aquapizza shit looks damn boring (way more than sf4 wich its very hard to believe)
evo doesnt sounds inspiring and sbo doesnt seem to have the games that i want so see, really bad year for me


oh well, japan has high level tourney’s pretty much everday anyway, its just a walk down the street for them


“I can’t control it!”


Because last year didn’t happen?

No super turbo but SF4 and 3S make it in, how about that? Don’t hate on a solid, successful game that doesn’t cater to scrubs.


What’s the 2nd biggest FG tournament in Japan? How come we only ever hear about SBO?


There are several major tournaments in Japan, it’s just the communities are very split based on the games. SBO is the only tournament I can think of that not only features multiple games, but is also sponsored by companies. I know that there are some events that feature multiple games, but they all feature either just a particular series(KoF games) or “anime” fighters(Guilty, Melty, Arcana).


They have a list of significant Japanese tourneys in the middle, but yeah the competitive scene in Japan is extremely underdeveloped and none of the other tourneys are at the scale of SBO. The Godsgarden tourneys probably have far exceeded SBO in terms of prestige, but other than that there isn’t a lot of other significant Japan tourneys. Japan has god tier players but the tourney organizers need to step their game up, which to be fair is difficult due to their anti gambling laws.

It’s a shame that EVO X Godsgarden never happened due to the Earthquake, because I could have seen it being the start of something for the Japanese scene.


Maybe they don’t have the fanfare of SBO, but they do get pretty big. I would only say its underdeveloped as far as payouts, but nothing else really. Only other major difference is venues, but I’d much rather a big tournament be in an arcade than some hotel ballroom. If your a single game player I’d say the Japanese scene is WAY better than anywhere else.