Tough Avatar Request: Bruce Lee

hey dudes, i’m currently craving a bruce lee avatar.

I’m not even sure if this would be possible to do for a nonpremium av, but i’m thinking of soemthing similar to what i have now except with the B.Lee man instead of ken.

Doesn’t have to be black/white, doesn’t have to be animated (though i would REEEEALLY like it if it was).

I hope this isn’t a case of too much creative freedom, or anything like that…so if you want more details let me know.

A second alternative would just be a Bruce Lee avatar of your choice…Either way, i would appreciate it a lot!


Would Fei-long work as Bruce Lee?

If Fei Long is ok, I got a great idea for an av.

Yeah! I supose fei long works, especially if you can’t see his face, though it’s ok either way.


So it’s like, “Game of Death, The Av” :lol:

mhmm, thats what i was going for.
actually, someone was rocking a Game of Death av last week and tha’ts what inspired me to request this one :lol:


Mind if I take a stab at it? I’ll post my results in a bit.

Go right ahead man.
Thanks a lot.

Hey, it’s done. Hope you enjoy it, I enjoyed making it. Lee vs. Han, black & white style. :tup:

cool av

Oh god, i might’ve just creamed my pants…

thank you!

that is a sick avatar…


good shyt:clap: :tup:

Thanks, that’s the first decent piece I’ve produced in quite a bit. That one was really fun to do, I might try and make some more, if I can find time.