Tough Call: Wii Or no Wii

For some time now i have been thinking about buying a Wii. I have a 360 currently and i barely play anything on it(Asside from megaman 9 and SF4) But I cannot decide on whether or not I really want to get a wii. There are a few games i want to play on the wii such as tatsunoko vs capcom and Smash brother brawl. So is the wii really worth getting? Some help would be very much appreciated! Thanks guys

There’s a wii thread in GD. Use that.

its only worth it if you mod that shit and play burned games… buy the ones that are worth it, but for future references almost all the games sucks, telling you from the experience


Yes and no.

As a fighting game system, it is underwhelming, with the only notable future releases being future VC releases of SNK games and Guilty Gear AC+. Both TvC and Brawl are good game though.

But as a 360 owner, you have some good stuff to look forward to down the way with BlazBlue and KOFXII.

Use the Wii thread in GD